Salt Dough Ornaments Part II

I made more salt dough ornaments. These were actually made to go in kids’ gift bags for our Christmas party. They were so fun to make and unbelievable easy, just like the first round.

To make these reindeer ornaments, I just used a tree cookie cutter- and turned it upside down to make them look like the heads of reindeer. Easy. I then painted them and glued the googly eyes and red puff nose to make faces. The antlers are made of gold pipe cleaners. See what I mean about easy. Since all of the little kids at our party were girls, I made then look more “girly” by adding eyelashes (cause that is the universal way to make something “girly”, right?)

The pictures stink but you get the idea. I didn’t stop there. I made little Butters and Chloe ornaments. I have mini “angel” cookie cutters. So I used those and then cut the head off. They look like dog heads now! (Here is what they normally look like: it’s the top left one). I painted these ones with acrylic paint to make them look more real. Then I added the googly eyes. I actually made two of each…but Butters ate one (yep, it was painted but she can’t control her counter surfing). Here’s what they look like:

These are actually really small. Maybe an inch or two at the longest. You can clearly see how not perfect they are because I drew the mouths with toothpicks but there is a definite likeness.

4 thoughts on “Salt Dough Ornaments Part II

  1. Oh, the Butters & Chloe ones are SO cute! I think just getting the colors right makes it immediately recognizable that they’re your lil’ gals. 🙂 And genius to just use the angel cutter without the head – not sure I would have thought of that.

  2. Thanks Becca, I like the Chloe and Butters ornaments a lot! The idea for beheading the angels came from me being to lazy to mold dog heads myself so I started rotating cookie cutters and the angel worked the best!

  3. Ours is currently hanging on the tree! I love the gold paint…so much better than the glitter mess the kids made with ours last year:)

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