Salt Dough Ornaments Part I

I caved and gave the salt dough a try. I love it. So easy, and cheap, and almost instant gratification (because you have to gussy ’em up after they harden). I used the basic recipe you can find everywhere online:

  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 cup salt
  • 1/2 cup warm water

Mix the dough and then knead for 6-8 minutes. Bake at 200 degrees for 3 hours. Voila. You notice the post says “Part I”? That’s because I have more to show. Round 1 goes to personalized ornaments…of the Caleb nature.

I used a giant tree cookie cutter and then indented the number “1” onto it using Caleb’s first birthday candle (that we actually didn’t use). I bought this gorgeous “champagne” gold paint and it looks so pretty in person. I am seriously ecstatic I got it and I have so much left it should last until Caleb realizes Santa isn’t real. You can’t see in the photo but I applied a ton of glitter to the “1” part and it looks really cool in person…not so much in pictures.

The next Caleb ornament is of his hand. What a bear. You try getting a 14 month old to keep their hand still enough to make a hand print- not easy! But, hey, it turned out and I am ecstatic. It may be my favorite ornament ever (next to the “baby’s 1st Christmas” that almost makes me cry every time I look at it).

You might not be able to tell but the ornaments are actually pretty large. I wanted them to stick out and be visible…and to fit Caleb’s hand you can imagine how big they are. But here’s a better visual representation:

I want our tree to be pretty kid friendly (i.e. no concern of him eating shards of broken glass or swallowing anything) so it’s pretty whimsical with plastic ornaments, salt dough ornaments, and yarn balls…and a “fancy” bow on top… It works too, especially since Caleb has already taken a few ornaments off (fuzzy squirrels and owls. And yes, I am serious those are on our tree).

I’m planning on trying Martha’s Cinnamon ornaments too. Gosh, I bet they smell wonderful!


4 thoughts on “Salt Dough Ornaments Part I

  1. I’ve never made the cinnamon ornaments, but did get some once as a gift, and they do smell great – you should totally try those, too! Plus, they’re just such a pretty color without having to paint the entire thing.

    Also, perhaps we’ll have to kid-proof the bottom two feet or so of our Christmas tree….

  2. Good to know, Becca! Yeah…you might want to watch the bottom of your tree (sorry). He seems to choose two ornaments and they are laying around our house at any given moment. I’m sure he’ll be fascinated by yours!

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