Caleb: 14 months

Caleb’s Stats:
Weight: 26 lbs 10 oz

14 months

Milestones: This last month has blown us away. Caleb is learning so much and is communicating more and more. He is making lots of animal sounds and motions:

  • lion growl
  • dog bark
  • duck “cak”
  • bee
  • owl
  • cow
  • turkey gobble
  • bunny face (I tried to teach him this but he just licks his lips a lot.)
  • fish lips and kissing sound

Caleb has been sorting shapes and putting the correct shape into their spaces and identifying animals (cat, dog, walrus, duck, elephant, hippo, Mickey Mouse, duck); if we ask where these things are he will point at them. When I ask if he is hungry or wants lunch or dinner, he tries to repeat the words and then walks over to his high chair. He likes spinning in circles and running all over our house and since we moved our furniture around he has a “runway”. One of the most interesting changes is that he now knows where things go: he lays his socks on his feet, takes silverware out of the dishwasher and puts it back, takes keys and tries to put them in the doorknob, throws things in the garbage (even toys…), puts lids on containers, and the other day he grabbed a spatula and began touching the top of the stove with it (like he was cooking). We ask him to get his shoes and he will search for them and surprise us by bringing the mating pair to us! Caleb had his first haircut this month and went to the library for the first time too. He is still obsessed with music and dances all of the time. He loves Adele, Sara Bareilles, Foster the People, LMFAO (his favorite), and just tried to sing with Josh Groban’s Christmas music, which was especially hilarious because he started screaming when the song stopped.

(Haircut photos below)


Dislikes: Being told “no” (duh). Not being able to climb the stairs. Whenever Caleb gets angry he flops forward while sitting and hits his face into the carpet or throws himself into “cobra” pose while on his stomach (this one is especially good). He certainly has a short temper. Yikes.

Food: Caleb hasn’t been eating much these days. I think it could be teething but he only seems interested in nibbling on food or snacking. He loves Indian food though! I made Tikka Masala and Naan and he devoured the bread and sauce. It made me happy especially because he has been pretty picky lately. He still loves noodles and bananas but eggs are definitely his favorite food. He still drinks from a bottle before naps and at bedtime but otherwise, he has FINALLY mastered using a sippy cup.

Sleep: Caleb still wakes once a night most nights but he also has the ability to sleep through the night. He is slowly moving down to one nap a day and there are days when he takes two naps still- but for the most part, he is doing well with one. He usually sleeps for 2 hours during his naps. He goes to bed anytime between 6-7 and wakes between 5-6. I can happily report that his sleep is better than ever…and so is ours!


In terms of actually saying words, not animal sounds, Caleb doesn’t say a whole lot. A few of his babbles include “mama, dada, Butters, fishy, icky, milk, crap”. Did you catch that last one? Yeah, he overheard Manfriend say “crap” and then one day Caleb dropped something and we heard him say “CAP!” He still says it when he drops things. The things they pick up. This is definitely our favorite age. His personality is really shining through. He is so funny and makes us laugh every day and it is great to see that he has a sense of humor already. Just the other day his teachers told me “he has grown up so much in these past few months”. It is true. He actually seems like a little person now…
























4 thoughts on “Caleb: 14 months

  1. Hmmm it took me like three times to get that last sentence (or second last if I count what was inserted parenthetically). Read was supposed to be ready? It is confusing b/c you read for story time, so I read it as you read for story time, or is that suppose to be it? Read or ready? Argh my brain hurts now!

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