Oh, Christmas Tree.

Ours is up. Is yours? We put ours up a few days before Thanksgiving. I believe Caleb should benefit from the festivities for longer than a month! We actually did the tree in stages just to make sure he wouldn’t dive-bomb it. I put the tree up one afternoon – and then left it there for three days. Then, I put lights on it – and left it for 3 days. Then, I put a big bow on top with trailing ribbons (what a pain in the butt) and finally, I put 12 candy canes on it…and left it alone. I plan on putting ornaments on it but I’m moving pretty slow (it’s the end of the quarter so grades, papers, emails, finals abound).

I made salt dough ornaments and I MAY share them with you. I said “may”. We’ll see if I really like how they turn out. For now, this is our loverly tree, sort of.

P.S. Here is something I will be sharing in the coming days: our awesome Christmas light display that Manfriend made. I call him “Tim the Toolman Tyler” (Home Improvement reference) because he goes above and beyond with lights. People slow down to look! Think Griswold. We’re talking he was out there for a total of 8 hours- give or take. You might be thinking “eight hours isn’t a lot”, well, those 8 hours are the actual hours putting the lights up, fixing broken strands, removing and redoing some…that is not counting the hours he probably spent before hand “planning”…

And here’s our little shote-shote playing with lights…and Chloe ominously watching.

(I think she was worried shit could get real at any moment!)

2 thoughts on “Oh, Christmas Tree.

  1. Oooh, I do love a good lights display. We’ll see it in the daytime on the 10th, but will you post night-time photos somewhere to share (of the outdoor lights)?

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