Thanksgiving 2011

This year I am thankful for so many things. I need to work on saying what I am thankful for more often, especially when it comes to the people I am thankful for though, because I tend to keep those things to myself and people deserve to hear them and know they are appreciated. I am so thankful for my friends and family and for the two loves of my life: Tyler and Caleb.

They bring me joy and love that I could have never imagined. Seeing so much of Tyler in Caleb makes me smile and I love how Caleb has transformed our world. He lightens our lives and makes us laugh like no one else could. Tyler is a wonderful father and husband. His main concern in this world is Caleb and me- it shows. He provides for us, he works his ass off, he makes dinner, he puts Caleb to sleep, he rubs my feet, he is incredibly patient in a world of impatience (yeah, Caleb inherited this horrible trait from me, sorry boo), he laughs at my horrible jokes, he deals with the “bad” stuff better than most people and knows when to say the right thing and when to give a hug, he lets me take pictures. Over and over and over. He gives the best snuggles.

Two of the most important things in my life, besides Tyler and Caleb, are Chloe and Butters. Our dogs. This last year has been rough on them (pardon the pun) and they have been so amazing dealing with the changes in their lives. They tolerate Caleb and his toys and his desire to smother them. They have learned to love the food that not only gets thrown on the floor but that he gives to them…and then takes away and eats. They don’t get walked near as much as they should and they are often the ones who deal with the brunt of our exhaustion, short fuses, and frustration. I need to be better about walking them and exercising them. They are much happier and healthier (and it seriously calms Butters down). They didn’t ask to be “demoted” but they certainly have been. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and it became especially true the other night when Chloe had a massive seizure.

About five years ago she was in the way of two dogs chasing one another and they ran straight into her. I saw her flip in the air. Immediately afterward she had a seizure. I thought I was watching her die. Since then she has only had a small seizure (that we have seen, at least) but the other night was just like the first one. Again, I felt like I was watching her die. I knew what it was when it was happening but there was still a part of me that thought “this is it”. I am so thankful to have such sweet and happy dogs in my life. I love that Caleb already loves them and know it has spawned his love for all animals.Let’s move on…

I am more thankful than you know that Manfriend does the grocery shopping in our house (and he likes it!). I hate it and he knows it (except Costco and Fred Meyer for some strange reason…).

I am thankful for our friend Faisal. He reads my blog. He comments on my blog! And is going to school full time to get his PhD. And he works three jobs. And he flew out to Seattle from Pittsburgh twice in two months for a bachelor party and our wedding. Oh, and he married us this year. And he loves Caleb. And Caleb loves him. And we love him.

I am thankful Manfriend likes to decorate for the holidays and is outside, as I type this, Griswolding our house up! (Our tree is up too, just in case you were wondering!)

I am thankful Caleb likes snuggling in the morning and before bed. I love it. It warms my soul.

I am thankful I have a job. With our horrid economy, it is a wonder I have maintained my part-time job for so long but I love it and I am thankful to have a job I love.

I am thankful Caleb gets to spend time with his peers while I work. He loves his teachers and when I see the “big” kids run up to him and grab him, hug him, or hold his hands and help him- it makes me happy I am a working mama because he really benefits from his time at school.

I am thankful so many people helped us with our wedding. Whether it was planning, spending money, being in our bridal party, creating our flowers, flying in from another state, and simply “being there”. We had no idea how stressful it was and to the people who came: we are so thankful and happy to have you all in our life!

I am thankful to have a child and to be able to procreate. It may seem silly to some but I know too many people who struggle with infertility and it hurts me to see them want so badly. People say insensitive things to them (often they are well meaning) but they have no idea what it must be like to try and try to have a family that so many people just “get” to have.

I am thankful for my family and friends who want to be involved in Caleb’s life.

I am thankful for the family and traditions we are creating and the memories we are making together.

I am thankful for designated drivers. They save lives. Please use one this holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving, from our family to yours!

We are extra thankful to Carrie Stroud for taking these pics AND editing them in one night!


7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2011

  1. Heeyyy I got a shout out! Uhhhh!!

    I am LOVING Ty’s beard. It is spectucular! I seriously stared at the first pic of him w/ the beard for like 5 min straight in a semi creepy manner. I am feeling inspired to bring mine back for 2012…

    And I love you guys, too!

  2. I love his beard too! I made him grow his hair out longer too because it looks really good on him and compliments the beard, if I do say so myself…and I do! You should grow your beard for Christmas break. I mean, couldn’t you have that beard in two days!?

  3. Great pictures! Carrie is so talented.

    Loved to read what you are thankful for. It is always nice to have moments of reflection where you can appreciate all that there is in life.

  4. Such wonderful things to be thankful for! Thanks for sharing. I’ve enjoyed “seeing” Caleb grow up and just love, love these family photos! Carrie is awesome!

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