Party Rockin’ Baby

Caleb seriously loves LMFAO. We don’t know what it is about them (except that the music really is catchy) but he is obsessed with them. He has fallen asleep listening to them (a few times, actually), he fist pumps when their music comes on, but most of all- he dances. He can’t control himself. If he had a fever- the only prescription would be: more Party Rockin’.

The song he is head banging and nearly knocking himself out to is “Sexy and I Know It”.

2 thoughts on “Party Rockin’ Baby

  1. Ha! He loves to dance. In fact, he cannot be controlled. I imagine we are going to have to put him in hip hop dance class or something so he can break dance because all he wants to do is dance, dance. (that’s a song lyric, btw).

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