Weight Update

I bet you’ve been wondering. If not, thank you. Here’s why: I gained 10 lbs in the last 2 months. For reals-y. I fell off the Dukan wagon the week before our wedding. You know how most people stop eating when they are stressed? Not me. I ate and ate and ate. Did I mention what I ate? Bad food. We’re talking fast food, cookies, cakes, fried foods, etc. It was bad but I knew it as I was doing it.

So now I am back at the gym. Jogging, walking, cycling, strength training (not so much this last week due to a massive head cold). My endurance is way up and I can run longer than I ever have been able to in the past, which is saying something because I use to hate running. I vowed I would never run unless I was being chased. Now I kind of like it. Kind of. I haven’t hopped back on the Dukan train but I may in a few weeks. I am not eating nearly as bad as I was but if there is one thing the Dukan diet taught me it is that I need to cut back on my bread/pasta intake. When I was doing the Dukan diet I felt amazing. I’m not kidding. Maybe I have a gluten intolerance, maybe not. All I know is my stomach issues went away, I was sleeping really well and I had a ton of energy.I love bread and pasta though, so this is going to be a struggle.

For now, I am eating a lot of salads and proteins but I really need to amp up my exercising.  Since we’re hoping to get pregnant next year I want to be at my best physically and that means I need to get started now. I just read an article saying that people who focus on their accomplishments tend to fail more than people who focus on the end goal. Hey, that’s me. I was so giddy to have lost 20 lbs I forgot what my end goal was. I’m going to forgo celebrating my accomplishments (in terms of weight loss) too much until I get to my end goal- we’ll see how it goes.  I’ll update in another month and share how much I’ve lost and how I am doing.

In the mean time, check out this blog: Can You Stay For Dinner. This woman is AH-MAY-ZING! Seriously, she might be my newest favorite person.

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