Wedding Planning: Caribbean Honeymoonin’

Since we didn’t do our honeymoon this year we are planning ours for June 2012. Whoop whoop. I am super excited. Here’s why? We are going to the Caribbean! Manfriend and I have never been and we want to chill out on the beach, read (well, I do), snorkel (that’s me again because Manfriend is scared to death of those fish) and spend some quality time with one another sippin’ on the sweet stuff.

We chose the Caribbean because we’ve been to Hawaii (Kauai to be exact and we LOVED it) and we’ve been to Mexico (Cabo San Lucas and we both liked it but it wasn’t a place we’d want to re-visit) and we didn’t want to do a tourist-y vacation (England, Paris, Greece, etc) because we want to do those trips in a few years (OK, this is more my dream than Manfriend’s). I was interested in Bora Bora but changed my mind as it is south of the Equator and don’t want to do our summer vacation during winter (granted it’s not really cold, but still). Bahamas are out because we want to go to the Atlantis hotel in the future with our kids to explore the water park and other activities (have you seen that shark tank!?) What’s left?

So now we just have to narrow it down to the island we want to go to: Jamaica is the front runner but Antigua and St. Lucia are way up there too (as well as a couple other islands). Heck, any would be nice to visit! We’re planning on doing more research and reading reviews as to whether or not we want to do an all-inclusive resort or not. It’s a touch decision but we are getting really excited about the idea of a honeymoon. It’ll be nice to have a break and take a vacation and re-visit the things we love and cherish about one another.

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