Kids Potato Pumpkin Stamp Halloween Cards

This year we mailed Halloween cards out to family and friends with young kids. I saw a few cool craft ideas on Pinterest and wanted to make a ghost from Caleb’s foot print.

From there, I decided to make a potato stamp pumpkin. I’d actually never made potato stamps before but it was much easier than I imagined and it turned out really well.

Here it is painted:

And here is how it looked on paper:

I outlined the pumpkin stamp with a black pen to make it pop a little more and then wrote: From Our [Pumpkin] to Yours” or “From Our (Pumpkin] to You”. On the inside left of each card I wrote a poem. I wanted it to look like Caleb wrote it so I just wrote upside down. I really wish I would have taken a photo of the finished cards but here is an example of a poem: You’re the sweetest girl I’ve ever seen. Hope you have a Happy Halloween. They were all personalized and I had a fun time making them. I made one card that said “TOP SECRET!” four our friends’ two girls who are older and they loved it!

Next year, Caleb will have a bigger role in the card making…but I may still use his foot.

2 thoughts on “Kids Potato Pumpkin Stamp Halloween Cards

  1. Whoa. I had no idea that was his little foot print. I thought it was like some kind of variety of wrapped chocolate. Blown away, Jennifer, bloooowwwn awaaaay!

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