Caleb: 13 months

Caleb’s Stats:

We’re going to keep doing monthly posts until Caleb is two. Though, we’re dropping the hippo and not doing pictures with it because keeping Caleb in one position is impossible these days. I’ll just post my favorite from the month…

Caleb: 13 months

Milestones: Caleb is running everywhere; we weren’t prepared for the extent to which he would attack our house. He is so active and on the move and into everything! Caleb has learned the sign for milk, however, he now signs “milk” when he wants food or is tired and wants a bottle. More specifically, a banana. Some of the other signs we are working on: Thank You, More, Water, Food. He created his own “sign” for brushing his teeth. When I say “let’s brush your teeth” or we get ready to leave, he makes a brushing motion with his hands. Signing really has been nice, even if he only knows a few words. Caleb has started talking a little more and says: banana (a-naw-naw), I love you (Iwuhyou), muffin (muh muh) and he can say some animal sounds too after I saw “what does a “__” say”. The biggest thing this past month is that Caleb gets things. He understands that lids go on things and hats go on heads, etc. He gives kisses when we ask (most of the time) and knows that bath time is after dinner time (he yells “Bah” once he’s done eating). He’s been walking around laughing at everything and spent one whole day at at school walking around chuckling, which they loved. The changes are so drastic lately and he makes us laugh all of the time.

Likes/Dislikes: Caleb still loves music…and dancing. He still dances to the dishwasher and is obsessed with Sara Bareilles. It all started when I was pregnant. I listened to her all of the time. Then when he was born we listened to her in the car. Now, he hears her songs and freezes. We show him her videos and he just stares and smiles. He loves her…and it’s OK because she is such good stuff. Diaper changes are even more of a nightmare than before. He screams and runs off. I’ve been reading about this and many people suggest trying to potty train and have had a lot of success. We’re going to try…we know it will take a while so wish us luck! Besides music, Caleb’s favorite thing in this world is a wooden spoon. You see, Caleb still doesn’t have a lovey or a blankey but he has a wooden spoon. And that thing is in his hand all day long (minus bed, but I have let him have it in the bath).

Food: Caleb has a bottle when he wakes up, before his naps and at bedtime (3-4 times a day since he has weaned from nursing). His doc says to have him weaned off the bottle by 15 months but we aren’t too worried right now. He eats pretty much anything but he has become more picky in the foods he eats. He wants to eat bananas all day long; I’m serious. The only food he has really turned down at school is chicken enchiladas. Apparently he isn’t a fan of Mexican food?

Sleep: (Brace yourself). Caleb is sleeping! After many, many months of waking every hour and wanting to be nursed back to sleep Caleb is sleeping. You have no idea how good this feels. We had tried The No Cry Sleep Solution and the Ferber Method but those didn’t work and we were all exhausted. When Caleb was about 9 months old our friend suggested we read “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child” because she knew how bad our problem was. I finally read it when Caleb was 12 months old and I was worried. I was worried because I realized how sleep deprived our poor little guy was. Everything I read in that book was Caleb. Always grumpy in the afternoon, tired all day, sleeping in the car, fussy and whiney during the day and mood swings. Caleb was severely sleep deprived and I felt like a horrible mother. We tried the Weissbluth method and Caleb took to it immediately. The next few days he was so sleepy and slept so much. Now he goes to bed around 6pm and wakes at 6pm. He wakes once at night to eat (we give him a bottle around midnight or 2am) but once we put him back in his crib he cries for a minute and then passes out. The best part is that when he wakes from his naps he is happy and plays in his crib for a while before yelling. Now that Caleb is actually getting solid sleep he is such a happier baby. I feel like a better parent too.


















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