Easy Painted Name Art

Over the weekend I had an idea to make a sweet little piece of art for Caleb’s room. All of the art in Caleb’s room is made by moi (except maybe two things). I thought it would be fun for him to have a piece of art that he made all by himself (with a bit of help, of course) and something we could all look back on as he grows.

This project was free. I already had finger paints and 6 canvases at home waiting to be used so I just taped off his name using painters tape.

From there, we let Caleb at it. Actually, that’s a lie. He was pretty set in terms of playing in the paint but all he really wanted to do was eat it. We had to put his coated hand on the canvas and from there he sort of “painted”. Here’s the finished product.

I love it! Maybe it’s just because I am his mom but still, it is pretty cool and this is such a cool craft idea for young kids!

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