Caleb: 1 year!

Caleb’s Stats:
Height: 31 inches
Weight: 24.7 lbs

Yesterday Caleb turned 1. Wow, where did that year go? I spent the better half of yesterday thinking about the day Caleb was born and how much he has changed our lives for the better. I had a few moments on the morning where I was emotional thinking about this past year and how lucky we are.Just the other night we were talking about our life before Caleb and that we couldn’t even think about what we did with our time- that seems like so long ago. We planned Caleb’s party for the week before his birthday since my Grandpa was in town and he did really well and wore most of his cake (which is amazing because he has a reputation for going all cray-cray when lots of people are around). I had planned on making him a cake but we just had the busiest month of our lives and decided the store could have that task! It was nice to have friends and family wish us a happy birthday and share in our joy of the last year.

Milestones: Walking! Caleb took his first steps the week before his 1st birthday. He still cannot walk a lot though; he gets maybe 5-7 steps in and then tumbles forward. It’s amazing what walking has done for him though- he seems so much happier being mobile (the boy hates being held and confined). Guess who has more teeth!? One week after the first cut through, Caleb got his second bottom tooth and his first top tooth (that’s 3 teeth in 14 days!) his other top tooth just erupted so he now has four pearlies in his mouth. What a bear! Caleb is talking so much these days. He wakes babbling and sometimes we say “what?” to him because it seriously sounds like he rattled off a real word. For example, just the other morning we both swear we heard Caleb say “Tyler”. He likes to yell in the car and I’m not exaggerating when I say he may be the loudest baby on the planet.

Likes: Caleb went back to “school” this last month. YAY! He got into the child development center at my work and I am beyond ecstatic. This place rocks and it is so good for him. He gets to play in mud puddles and socialize with lots of other kids (seriously, I’ve left with drenched/muddy clothes in plastic bags). Caleb is the little guy on campus though; he’s the youngest so he is fresh meat to all of the toddlers- poor guy. He had a really rough first couple of days but seems to be adjusting well. (One day he was bawling as I left and a little girl came up and started rubbing his back. Really!? I almost died of cuteness overload.) It wears him out and he leaves exhausted. I picked him up the other day and he was passed out on the couch; he fell asleep before lunch and didn’t budge until I picked him up. Caleb has a mild obsession with his” sushi fish”, a clown fish bath toy that has become his car/restaurant toy. Bath time is still Caleb’s favorite time. One of my favorite things? Caleb is giving real kisses! OK, they aren’t real kisses in the sense that most people wouldn’t lean in for one because he opens his mouth and sticks his tongue out BUT they are kisses that we lean into so they count. Actually, he’s been kissing for a while now but only recently has started doing it when I say “kisses?” They are slobbery and a little gross but I love them! Caleb likes to stroll past my feet and try to bite my toes. It rarely hurts but he thinks it is hilarious when I yell “Owie!” He’s been playing peekaboo behind the curtain and loves climbing stairs, which is a little frightening…

Dislikes: His DJ table. Since he started walking this thing moved down the list. His only interest with it now flipping it over, which causes a loud crashing sound, which he then crawls over. Diaper changes- he still tries to crawl off- poopy and all. Diaper changes are so much fun in our house…and they seem to be getting worse. When I drop him off at school, he puts on a real show. Tears, rainbow mouth, reaching and then crawling after me. It sucks but he stops right when I leave, thankfully.

Food: If I told you Caleb was obsessed with macaroni and cheese would you believe me? You should. It’s the one food we can give him that he will eat every single piece of. We use the macaroni shells and he puts the shells on his fingertips and then eats them. It is a godsend at restaurants. Trust me. Caleb also had his first Popsicle (teething meant he got whatever made him happy). He didn’t like them at first but that changed rather quickly. Caleb seems to really favor beets, bananas, and cheese. He gets three meals each day and his school provides his breakfast and lunch, which is awesome, except Caleb has a habit of sleeping through lunch! We try to tell him he needs to stay awake to get our money’s worth but he isn’t having any of it.

Sleep: Caleb goes to bed around 7:30 and wakes at…wait for it…5am. Yep, still never sleeping in. He has been waking a lot at night still and we are still working with it. The teething nights have been the worst but he’s going back to sleep a little easier than he has in the past. We just switched Caleb to goat’s milk to see if the cow’s milk is what is keeping him up at night. He does seem to be sleeping better and he really likes the goat’s milk and it seems to do better on his tummy so we’re going to stick with it and see how it goes. Until then, we’ll keep waking with him at night- chanting “our next will be a sleeper, our next will be a sleeper”…

Happy Birthday to our favorite little guy!

5 thoughts on “Caleb: 1 year!

  1. Those are seriously some of the best pictures I’ve seen IN MY LIFE! Love his little tuxedo shirt, him w/ the tie, crawling on his present, and of course the paint of the face (David Putty style!). The tux shirt pic is esp awesome b/c his pose matches it perfectly–like he is the fancy host of some extravagant party and inviting people in! And the video of him walking…awwww! He looks deliriously happy at the end, as if he understands the magnitude of his accomplishment!

  2. Thanks Fai! Mark and Bree got him that tuxedo shirt and he wore it on his birthday. It is super cute and the way he posed was my favorite part! AND, that’s CAKE on his face, Faisal. You of all people should know the color, pigment, viscosity, texture, and face slathering ability of frosting!

  3. HA HA HA HA HA! Oh yikes I am ashamed, ashamed I say! The reason I didn’t realize it was cake, which was painfully obvious considering it was directly in front of him in the picture, was the fact that the cake on his face made it WASTED CAKE–and you and Ty know how I feel about wasted food, especially cake! Thus, as a subconscious defense mechanism, my cognitive defenses used a strong dose of denial so that I wouldn’t consciously recognize that it was indeed cake b/c my subconscious brain knew that if I knew it was wasted cake I would have like three simultaneous heart attacks!

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