Wedding Planning: Photographer

When I went to look at the venue for our wedding I took a friend who knows catering, flowers, and venues well. Once we nailed down the venue we began looking at “extras” (table linens, votives, chair covers, etc). Things seemed cheap at around $4/each. As I was deciding about renting the chair covers, my friend said “skip it and spend your money on a photographer”. Boy, am I glad we took her advice.

How did we select a photographer? Word of mouth. Of course I looked at a lot of the big photographers in Seattle but truthfully, I wasn’t impressed by them. Their images seemed so over produced and cookie cutter. We didn’t want the cheesy images that lots of couple get. No groomsmen carrying the bride, no hand-over-hand ring shot, no posed pictures with family flanking each side. Seen it. Over it. Did I mention that most of them charged about $3,800!? We didn’t want to pay that much for pictures everyone has seen before.

I emailed a friend and asked if her photographer husband would do it. He didn’t do weddings so she recommended her friend, Carrie Stroud. After peaking at her friend’s website I had a feeling she was the way to go. Here’s how I knew she was good stuff: the day I called to chat about her services, I had a rescued crow in my car cawing. I sounded bat-shit crazy, I’m sure, but she didn’t even seem weirded out (maybe she hung up like “oh lawdy, what have I gotten myself into…”?) Anyway, as the months when on I kept blog-stalking her to see her recent sessions and seeing her other photos made me even more excited to have her photograph our wedding. We met with her a month before the wedding and we both had a really great feeling about her. Listen, anyone who makes Manfriend comfortable is A-OK in my book. The mere fact that she got him to pose and take numerous pictures without him wincing is amazing because he hates taking pictures. Despises them, actually.

When we arrived at the venue on our wedding day, she was already there. (Traffic was real bad AND it was pouring, noooo). She was really cheerful and upbeat even though I know she had to be nervous about her camera in the rain. (I was upset about the rain. A drizzle or sprinkle was fine with me, but it was a downpour with drops the size of Cadillacs- so I was on the verge of a meltdown).

Carrie dealt so well with our group. We are loud, obnoxious and highly inappropriate. I was nervous she would leave shuttering and crying. She didn’t. In fact, she smiled while I mentioned my worry of “vagina armpit” in the pictures (you know, that armpit skin that hangs over a strapless top that Beyonce wears best?) and snapped photos as my friend paraded around with his skirt up “airing out”. That’s just a minor taste of our group..

Just the other day Carrie emailed me  to say our sneak peak would be available soon. I told me sister I was waiting so I knew she would be giddy waiting and checking all night. I woke to a text from my sister saying how amazing they were (I wonder how often she was checking)! The pictures are gorgeous. Literally. Gorgeous. It makes us so excited to see the rest because of the few we have seen- she exceeded or expectations. We asked Carrie to take or family photos this October (I gets all giddy about fall and know she will rock it) so we are really excited to work with her again.

Wanna have a peak at Carrie’s awesome work? Click here for the full sneak peak…

(Images are the property of Carrie Stroud Photography)

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