Guess who just turned 30? Beyonce (we share the same exact bday, no big deal. But I do feel strangely connected to her…). Actually, turning 30 hasn’t been that big of a deal to me- other than the fact that I keep saying how old I am (I am 2.5 years older than Manfriend so now I feel like a legitimate cradle robber since he’s still in his 20’s and all).

This month is huge for us: my 30th, our wedding, our six year anniversary, Caleb’s 1st birthday…yikes. Can you believe we actually thought we were going to buy a house this month too? Yeah, stressful is correct.

I have been debating whether I want to keep blogging since I have reached my goal of turning 30. Technically speaking, the journey is over. Part of me wants to continue blogging because it is like my lil diary and I used it to chronicle my entire pregnancy and Caleb’s first year, which has been so useful that I would like to do it for our next child. The other half of me likes the idea of stopping. No real reason though, just one less thing to do.

How did we celebrate? Manfriend coordinated a surprise dinner for my birthday and then we went out dancing. Let me break one thing down for you: I don’t get drunk anymore. I have no tolerance. We left the restaurant and I was in pain. I “rallied”* though and made it out to the bars/club and partied more. Here’s how drunk I was: I was CONVINCED that an older guy was Jigsaw (the murderer guy from the Saw movies). So convinced, I took a picture of him. I kept yelling “There’s Jigsaw”! The best part: a couple of our friends got to see my dancing face. You don’t make weird faces when you dance? Liar, everyone does. Mine are just especially entertaining.

The next day we had plans for the zoo with our friends and their kids. It was a good idea in theory but my hangover was like “bitch, please”. I threw up in the parking lot like a novice. Ugh. I “rallied” on and made it through the zoo. The highlight of my day? Our friends’ 4 year old was my little buddy. Also, an interesting little girl was standing by an elephant statue and randomly told us “this is my pet elephant; he’s sleeping but you can touch him”. That was runner-up. No, wait. My waffle cone was the runner-up.

I’m feeling good about thirty. It’s a new decade. We have big plans this year: buying a house and making baby #2 (don’t get ahead of yourself. Making not having baby #2). I feel blessed to have my friends and family. I’m starting a new journey and it have an inkling that it is about to be better than ever.

*Apparently, when one “rallies” they are pushing through a hangover/sickness to partay. I learned this from a younger friend. I, clearly, am outdated.

2 thoughts on “Thirty

  1. Haha you did rallie through the Zoo. And yes my daughter wanted nothin’ to do with me, she was in full Jenn mode. That little girl was hilarious. The muffin was amazing. Hope you had a quick recovery. P.S. puking always helps.

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