Caleb: 11 months

Caleb’s Stats:

Weight: 23.9 lbs (the days of the super chubby baby are over :().

Caleb: 11 months

This month has been full of firsts! So exciting and we find ourselves laughing so much at our funny little guy. Hard to believe he’s almost one!

Milestones: Guess who has a tooth!? Caleb cut his first tooth on August 23! Caleb is also standing without hands! This is hands-down the coolest thing he does. As he lets go and stands there he looks at us with a funny face and then smiles and starts bouncing. It is so funny and you can tell he is really proud of himself. He took two steps one night but it wasn’t deliberate so we think walking is coming soon. Caleb recognizes objects’ names: on a whim I asked “where is your brush?” and Caleb crawled over and grabbed it! I starting cheering like he had won the lottery. It was the first time I realized that Caleb is a human. I know that sounds silly but it really set in that he is a person, not just a baby. He also can bark and now barks when I ask “what does a doggy say?” Caleb has been jumping in his bed! I don’t know where that came from but he does it anytime he stands in his bed and it is feverishly quick. Caleb mastered the Hi-5 for reals and is signing “airplane” and “all done”. Caleb also fully discovered his penis this month. He sat on the floor after his bath during naked time and smiled and played for a while…we sat there laughing so hard we were crying. To say he loved it would be an understatement; he now really cherishes his naked time.

Likes: “Talking”- all of the time. The zoo. Shoes and shoe laces. Stroller/Park/Swinging. Playing in the bathroom. Cords. Dogs water/food dishes. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We let him watch it when he wakes up and before bed. He loves the songs and gets so excited when it comes on. I know TV is pointless for young children but this is really the only thing we let him watch. His love for Mickey is so damn cute. Opening and closing doors and cupboards. Trying to stand from a sitting position. This is funny–he reaches his arms in the air and thrusts really hard to try to get up…it doesn’t work, yet. Caleb absolutely loves when we chase him on the floor (it’s a crawl chase). He especially loves when Daddy chases him. I yell “oh no, Daddy’s gonna get you!” and he scrambles away excitedly. He eventually collapses laughing and worn out. He loves it so much. BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS. He is still obsessed with books and reading. He’s been sneaky lately and as I try to grab him he crawls off super fast to get away- especially when he is up to no good. He has been making a silly smushy-fish face and breaths out of his nose fast. He also loves when I brush his tooth. I have been “brushing” his gums for a while now to get him used to it and when I do it I say “brush, brush, brush” over and over. He loves it and I’ve started letting him hold his toothbrush and he seems to get a kick out of it. I really want to instill a love for oral hygiene early…

Dislikes: Still hates diaper changes! Blowing our noses. Wow. Loud noises (Food Saver, etc). He wails like we are letting a ferret chew off his fingers.

Eating: Mac and cheese, toast and jelly, bbq pork, loves drinking water from a cup, tapioca pudding, french toast, salmon, spaghetti and meatballs, at this point he pretty much eats whatever we eat. We introduced him to whole milk and he is OK with it. I tried cottage cheese and he gagged and spit it out. So far that is the one thing he wont eat.

Sleep: Caleb usually goes to be at 7:30pm and wakes at 5:30am. He rarely ever sleeps past 6am. He takes a morning nap for about an hour around 8am and then takes an afternoon nap around 1pm. He’s been sleeping a bit better and wakes 2-3 times per night now (teething doesn’t count- he was up every hour). Now when he wakes at night he falls back asleep pretty quickly and that is really a pleasant change from him wanting to party at 2am.

We are planning Caleb’s first birthday. This last year has gone by so quickly and it’s crazy to think that he’s been in our lives this long because we can’t imagine life without him. He is such a doll, such a turd, and so so funny.



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