Handmade Baby/Kid Floor Pillow

We bought a lot of receiving blankets from Goodwill for our home birth so while we could save them, I thought it would be fun to make something out of his first blankets. I made a floor pillow for him and it was super easy.

I cut the blankets into two 24×24 inch squares. I could have just sewn them together to make it like a bed pillow but I wanted it to resemble a “real” floor pillow so it needed to be really fluffy. That meant I needed to cut four side panels for the pillow. I cut the width at 3.5inches (the length doesn’t really matter so long as it fits the two pillow sides.

I also gussied mine up with piping on one side and rickrack on the other to add a pop of color. I finished it off with a button. Truthfully, the button was the most difficult part. Here’s why: I stuffed the crap out of this pillow and trying to stab a needle (I used a basic needle, not a super long one which would have been really useful) through the pillow was hell on my fingers and my patience.

This pillow sits in the corner of our living room on top of a storage ottoman. It looks really cute in the room- and definitely adds a little fun to the corner. Caleb has yet to use it but I’m sure he will in the future…or else.

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