Wedding Planning: Invites

If you know me then you know I want to DIY as much of our wedding as possible. That is where our invites come in. I found the wonderful website, The Wedding Chicks, and they have too much good DIY stuff to choose from.

I found this awesome bunch of invites, and since we are using mason jars in our wedding, these are perfecto: Mason Jar Suite. You just enter in all of your info and they create them for you, for free. You just have to save and print them. I didn’t use their exact RSVP back because it kept getting distorted when I tried to print it so I just made our own RSVP back in Photoshop. Piece of cake. I like the idea of sending out postcards because they are no-frills and easier for people to just pop back in the mail.

Here is what they look like:


The post card reads: “(name of guest) and (name of guest) are (adjective) to (attend/not attend) your wedding. We wish you both a (adjective) day and (number) years of (adjective) to come.

Total cost: about $40 for the postcard paper and blank invites. I also punched two holes around the top of the “jar” and threaded raffia through it so that it looked like the jar had a bow. If you can find invitation suites cheaper than that- let me know!

I’ll post up our DIY programs and menus once I finish them up.

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