Dukan Diet Cruise Phase: Month 1

Since beginning the Dukan Diet (July 5 was my start date) I’ve had a good amount of success. The first week was hell but things have gotten a lot better. Since beginning the Cruise Phase (alternating a day of proteins with a day of proteins + veggies) I haven’t lost weight as rapidly…but it is still coming off. I will admit that this last week and a half has been especially uneventful; my weight hasn’t budged in about 10 days and that’s frustrating, but normal.

Have I had any slip-ups? Um. Yes. When I lost 12 lbs I decided to have a glass of fat free chocolate milk. It was delicious. I ate like crap for an entire weekend and then I gained 3 lbs! Since then I have had moments where I’ll eat a couple of strawberries or a handful of Doritos or a bite of banana, but that’s pretty much it. When I have had those slip-ups I just make sure to make the next day or two all protein days. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I love salads so having salad has been wonderful. I just make sure to put a sliced hard boiled egg and chicken on it for added protein.

I’ve started exercising more as well. I take Caleb for a mile walk and then I run a mile at night. I’ve sort of started to enjoy running and I feel like poo if I don’t.

Weight Loss
Attack Phase: -7.7 lbs the first week.
Cruise Phase: -13 the first month.
Total Weight Loss: -20lbs total

The most obnoxious thing is that my pants are falling off. I can literally pull them off. That seems great, right? Well, it sucks because all of my weight is coming off of my legs and butt NOT my stomach. What the hell did having a baby do to my body!? The weight loss from my stomach is so slow and my body NEVER use to be like that…but I guess that’s one of the changes a baby will do…and it’s worth it. The biggest benefit? I fit in smaller pants! Whoop whoop!

I still have a ways to go but I’ll keep you posted!

4 thoughts on “Dukan Diet Cruise Phase: Month 1

  1. I agree Jenn Whoop Whoop! That is great…maybe I should try it…yeah if you ever find out how to lose the post baby belly let me know. I have resorted to it being genetics, cuz nothing I have done has worked! Good luck on the process.

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