Wedding Planning: Dresses

Planning the wedding has actually been really fun and laid back for us (so far). We aren’t going overboard and we certainly aren’t planning on spending a lot of money (well, a lot in terms of what most people spend).

When it came time to look for dresses, I kind of waited until the last minute. In fact, a lot of people let me know how last minute I was. (It’s not like I have been married before and I don’t think it is necessary to go crazy wedding planning and dress shopping so I thought two months was plenty of time.) I had no idea it was best to look early in case you needed to order a gown but I was so thankful I was able to buy a dress off the rack. And it fit like a dream. I decided to go dress shopping- alone. Here’s why: I wanted to try on what I liked without any opinions other than my own. I tried on six dresses and the first two were disgusting. I always thought I wanted an ethereal gown with straps (mainly for my ginormous breasts) but the gown I chose is nothing like I could ever imagine choosing. It was sort of cliche in that I knew it was my dress the second I saw myself in it. It is flattering, it fits, and it is sort of surprising in that it is something most people will wonder “why the hell did Jennifer pick that dress!?” Seriously, it’s frilly and girly and just beautifully feminine.

The dress I chose was $400 over my price range. Seriously. I only wanted to spend $400- tops. I wavered between a cheaper dress and the dress I fell in love with and I was set on the cheaper dress solely because it was $400 cheaper. My sister and my best friend offered up the extra $400 so I could get the dress I wanted. It was one of the sweetest moments. Of course I cried. Who offers to pay for half of a wedding gown that is godawful expensive (to us) because it looks good? It was originally $1150!!! Talk about having amazing bridesmaids. Trust me, I wasn’t even upset about choosing the cheaper dress. I am budget conscious and I did like the cheaper dress, it just didn’t look as good. They knew it…and I knew it. I am so thankful to know such wonderful people…

That weekend I went shopping with my bridesmaids so they could choose their dresses and gander at my dress to see what they thought. They were in agreement with my choice. They chose their dresses in about an hour. How painless could this be? Why do brides make life hell for their bridesmaids? I wanted dress shopping to be light and fun and I want my bridesmaids to look and feel as great as me, which is why they got to choose their own dresses. I am not a fan of everyone wearing the same gown. No two women have the same body type and to make someone with big hips try to fit into a dress that is amazing on a super thin girl is just wrong. The only thing is they had to be the same color. We chose navy.

Here is a peek at the dresses, just imagine them in navy blue. (Yep, we went to David’s Bridal. Some people judge it but we found everything we need there).

I hate the train so I will have that bustled up and I may have to have the dress taken in if I lose any more weight. I won’t be wearing a veil, just a flower.  I got silver glitter Toms to wear (I cannot do heels because I will be 6’3″) and I love them. One of the bridesmaid dresses isn’t shown but it will be similar to the second dress. We scored a sweet deal on the bridesmaids shoes…$10. We found them on a whim and they (surprisingly) look really good on every person.

Dress shopping was so stress free for us. Maybe because I am pretty laid back about the whole thing? Or maybe it’s just because my bridesmaids are so darn easy going? Either way, they all look great in their dresses and I am excited to see how everyone looks on the big day!

3 thoughts on “Wedding Planning: Dresses

  1. Great dresses! If that is your dress it is amazing too.

    I wish I could plan another wedding. I had such a fun time too. I think being chill makes all the difference.

  2. I’ll admit, that gown is not what I imagined you’d pick, but it is beautiful. I think other people’s drama stories are actually not the norm. I took one person with me and chose the second dress I tried on, from the clearance room. Needless to say, it was not dramatic or stressful. So glad you had a wonderful experience and loving bridesmaids to help you get the great dress!

  3. Wedding planning has been fun…maybe you should get into wedding planning on the side, Aimee!

    I think drama is the norm (we are just laid back) because I always hear horror stories from people. Maybe the trick is just to be a chill person. I mean, shouldn’t it be fun for everyone. I’ve heard of people losing friends over weddings. Isn’t that insane!?

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