Caleb: 10 months

Caleb’s Stats:

Caleb: 10 months

(*I had to take this when he was groggy so he would sit still, hence the wicked bedhead. Getting this boy to stay put is next to impossible so I doubt we’ll be able to do the pics like this much longer.)

Milestones: Crawling for reals! Caleb finally decided to up and crawl. OK, let me clarify- it’s more a tripod crawl…at least that is what I call it. He uses one leg to pull and the other to push…it looks pretty funny. He can crawl normal but it isn’t near as fast as the tripod…and when things get really important he drops back down to the army crawl. That mamma-jamma is fast! Since Caleb has been cruising for the last month he has gotten a lot better at standing up. There have been a few times where he stands without assistance but then quickly falls. He is obsessed with standing and doesn’t want to be held much. In fact, he wants to nurse standing up. Because he is so big I swear it looks like I am nursing a 5 year old. He comes up to me and starts pulling at my shirt until I feed him- crazy. I’ve been teaching Caleb how to hi-5 but he only does it every once in a while. He makes me work for it. He JUST learned how to wave “hi” and he waved at every single animal when we went to the zoo. He also waves at Butters when she comes into view. (If this boy isn’t working with animals some day I will be shocked). He is “talking” a lot these days and interacting with us more and more. His latest thing is panting. Like a dog. Yep, panting. He likes when I do it in the mirror to him and he does it to the dogs once in a while. His biggest thing this last month has been snuggling. Seriously, this is the best thing ever. He just lays his head on our chests and relaxes. He does this to his hippo (the one in all of his baby pics) too. So sweet!

Food: Hey, guess what? Caleb still doesn’t have any teeth. Not even one poking through. Everyone keeps telling me it’s better they come in late than early but 10 months!? His pediatrician didn’t even seem phased by it. Caleb has decided that he hates eating from a spoon. Finger foods only. I had to get clever with his oats and ball them up so he’ll eat them. This independence thing is killer. His favorite foods are cantaloupe, blueberries and strawberries and he loves broccoli and cauliflower.

Sleep: Sleep has been torture this last month. Maybe the worst ever. I tried the No Cry Sleep Solution and he started waking every 45 minutes! I’ve read Ferber’s book as well but we haven’t tried any of his methods yet. The last few nights he has been waking around midnight ready to party. He won’t go back to sleep for an hour or so. He is taking 2 naps a day and averages about 2-4 hours during the day. Bedtime is around 7pm and he wakes at 5-6am. Caleb’s sleep issues have worn me down. I got to the point where I thought I didn’t want any more children. We know so many people with babies who sleep wonderfully at night and it sucks. Maybe our next will be a dream sleeper? Maybe his horrible sleep habits make up for what an awesome baby he is during the day? Who knows…

Likes: Meowing. Manfriend started this. Caleb loves animal noises and meowing is his new favorite. I meow at him in the car and he squeals in delight. His favorite toy? Butters’ nasty tennis balls. He goes after them and yes, he licked them. It was disgusting. Caleb is still obsessed with water. We have tried giving his normal baths in the tub (without his baby tub) and that was a massive failure. He kept throwing himself back because he wanted to lay in the water. Then he would sit up and try to stand in the tub. At one point he literally went completely under the water. Face and all. It was scary but Caleb wasn’t even phased. He is still dancing but now he likes dances to anything that seems to have rhythm. He dances to the dishwasher, the sound of me scrambling eggs, peeing, and of course, music. I know the peeing part may seem weird but I set him outside the bathroom when I go and one day I saw him dancing as I was peeing. He is nuts. He loves playing in the kitchen and we just recently had to baby proof the cabinets. He loves playing with the magnets on the fridge and trying to get into the dogs’ water dish. Mickey Mouse is a hit and he loves the songs- he could care less about anything else. He is a music lover to the fullest. Caleb has recently decided that he should try to climb the stairs. Frightening. He is still feeding the dogs all of his snacks and likes to throw food to them from his high chair.

Dislikes: His jumperoo. We took it down. I’m sure it is because he can move on his own and doesn’t want to be in one stationary position. Caleb still hates diaper changes and screams when we change him and rolls away. It is a struggle so we have to quickly give him a toy and change him as fast as we can. Along with diaper changes- he hates having his clothes changed. Same reaction as he has to the diapers. Baby on the run… so he gets a lot of naked time…and then pees on the floor.

Favorite Toys: The audio receiver, lotion bottle, diaper wipes, weird squishy ball, the dogs, and my makeup bag.

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3 thoughts on “Caleb: 10 months

  1. Crawling! Isn’t it amazing how fast they can go when they have their eye on something!

    And what is it with diaper changes? Leon hates them too. You would think we were torturing the poor kid. One day he just started throwing fits when we laid him down to change him. Now it’s a struggle almost every time! And he hates when we have to dress him too.

    Love the photo of Caleb in the pool! Sending positive sleep thoughts your way…. I feel for you, we’re in the same boat. I long for the full nights of sleep all our other friends rave about.

  2. Good God, yes! The crawling insane! I have to admit that I am happy that we are not along in the diaper change/clothing change/sleep issues. It is tough.

    I long for those nights of sleep others rave about as well. I just keep my fingers crossed that this means our next kid will be a dream sleeper!

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