Ribbon Baby Name Pillow

I made this pillow for our friends’ baby’s 1st birthday. It was insanely easy. I just used some of my saved fabric and white ribbon. It certainly didn’t turn out perfect but I think it is cute.

Baby ribbon name pillow

When using the ribbon to spell out a name, it is best to use cursive (or some form of cursive) so that the ribbon is connected; it’s just easier that way. When you get the curves make sure you raise your presser foot and rotate the fabric. Doing this is so much easier (and better looking) than trying to sew the curves- especially the sharp angles. I chose to position the name in a an angle across the pillow so it would look a little more funky than standard horizontal lettering. I know many of you would know this but I should still remind you– sew the name before sewing the pillow halves together. If you choose to use a button- do that before you sew the two halves together as well.

I stuffed this pillow with ultra soft polyfill. I chose the more expensive stuffing because it is for a baby and I wanted it to be as soft as possible. Seriously, it is worth the extra couple of dollars to make it extra squishy. I think as I get better doing this I may try using a different color thread to sew the ribbon on for contrast. (Not now though since my sewing is still shaky).

This took me an hour to make. Tops.

And the total cost of this little project? $12 for the polyfill (FYI: I only used half of a bag).

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