See Jenn Run

Over the weekend my sister and I finished out first 5K! We did the See Jane Run event and it was so much fun! I have to admit that I didn’t practice and the most I ran in preparation was 1.5 miles so I was nervous. Even though it was only 3 miles, I still feel awesome that I did it. We only walked a little bit and we definitely pushed each other.

It was so amazing to see the people running the 1/2 marathon and busting their butts. Seriously, we saw three women leading the 1/2 and I am 100% sure they finished in about an hour (my sister called them “skeletor” cause they were so scrawny). My sister and I did the “stroller” 5k so we were the last group allowed to go…but we passed many of the regular 5k’ers and that felt really good! What was really reassuring was that the many of the 1/2 marathoners were cheering us on as they looped around. Uh, shouldn’t it be the other way around!? It just felt like a great group of people to be around and I definitely liked that environment.

Once we finished we got champagne and chocolate. The funniest part was that as we came running down the final stretch and people were cheering Caleb started screeching and clapping his hands together. It looked scripted. He was a champ and had a blast watching all of the people and squealed in delight at a barking dog. (He’s crazy like that.)

Anyway, my sister and I are sure to do more runs and we are looking in to more right now. I doubt I’ll try a 1/2 marathon anytime soon but maybe in the future!

P.S.: I’m still going strong on the Dukan Diet. I’ve lost a total of 12lbs!

4 thoughts on “See Jenn Run

  1. Yay! HUGE congrats on the weight loss – keep up the stellar efforts! That must feel so good to see solid progress. And way to go on the run, too – I don’t think I’d attempt that. My mom use to claim that running was “against my religion,” and now I understand that a little. I really WISH I loved running, but so many other things are more appealing. Great calorie burner though.

  2. Thanks Becca. I use to always say “I only run if I’m being chased!” Truthfully, I want to like it. Right now, I just sort of like it but I do like the way I feel afterward.

    I’m hoping to do a few more because it was a lot of fun!

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