Easy Black Smokey Eyes

All throughout college I was the “makeup artist”. When we went out, I inevitably did a gaggle of my friends’ makeup. I’ve never had any real training but applying makeup is just something I am naturally good at. Since I went back to work in January, I slowly eased back into wearing make-up (I skip it 5 days a week now that it is summer). Granted- I have never done smokey eyes to work but you get what I’m saying, right? I know there are many tutorials out there on making the perfect smokey eye. I get that. This is just my version of the smokey eye with nothing more than black eyeshadow. Seriously, no light eye shadow to help blend, no eyeliner on the lash line, no highlighter on the lower lid/corners of the eye..nothing, but black eyeshadow. Well, nothing except my handy Sephora blending brush and some mascara!

So here is the before:

After (but minus mascara and little more blending):


The trick is to blend like crazy. I always start out looking a little freakish with the black eyeshadow but after I blend it- it looks really good.

Here’s how I do it:

1. I do a dark amount of black along the top lash line (it will look dark and Gothic but don’t panic).

2. Without dipping the brush back into the eyeshadow (use what is left on the brush), blend the shadow from the outer lash line up. The trick is to have an angle from your outer eye to the end of your eyesbrow.  It’s almost like you want to create a sideways “v” shape. It’s OK if your sideways “v” shape is harsh, you will blend it down. (see how in the image above the eyeshadow is at an angle to the end of my eyebrow?)

3. Blend the eyeshadow from the sideways “v” shape into the crease area of your eyelid. I do mine in an arch.

4. Keep blending until you get the desired look. Afterwards, you can add more shadow if you need it.

Again, when I do black smokey eyes, I ONLY use black eyeshadow. If you blend well enough using the right brush, you shouldn’t need to do any cover ups. If you want to put some white on your brow bone or on the inside of your eyes, that always helps to make you look more awake and youthful. I use any shimmery black eyeshadow and apply highlighting powder to my upper cheekbone area. You don’t need an expensive brand to pull of smoky eyes.

5 thoughts on “Easy Black Smokey Eyes

  1. Thank you for this post! I love the smokey eye look, and have tried it a few times on myself but always looked a bit like I had been punched in the face. Seriously, I actually had a coworker ask if I had a black eye. So I’m thinking I will invest in a better brush and give it another try. Thanks for the tips, I’ve always been a fan of your eye makeup.

  2. HAHA! That’s the danger of a bad brush. Seriously, it’s totally worth it to spend the money- you will notice a big difference. I’ve got a couple more posts saved up about eye makeup so I’ll post those up soon (they are color ones).

  3. Awesome. Look forward to those. Question.. do you clean your makeup brushes, and if so how often and with what? I tend to just throw mine out, but if I’m going to invest in some new ones, I’ll definitely need to take batter care of them. Any advice is much appreciated!

  4. I do clean mine. I think there are cleaners out there but I just clean mine with Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap (it’s at Target) but I think baby shampoo would work too since it is so gentle. I didn’t spend a lot on my brushes. I think I have a couple that are all natural bamboo or something and then the rest are just the Sephora brand.

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