Caleb: 9 months

Caleb’s Stats:

Height: 29.5 inches
Weight: 22 lbs

Caleb: 9 months

Caleb is huge- we know. I cannot tell you how many people comment on his size, I don’t even react anymore, I just say, “yeah, we know”. Because of his size and long legs we had to move him into the Britax Marathon 70 car seat last month (we got a sa-weet deal). He was just way too long for his infant carrier and outgrew that at 8 months.

Milestones: Caleb is pulling himself up, cruising, and army crawling forward. He hasn’t arrived on the hands and knees yet but his army crawl is freakishly fast. He’s been doing a really funny bear-crawl so I don’t know if he wants to avoid his knees all together but he certainly is much more interested in standing than anything. One thing is for sure- he is on the move ALL OF THE TIME! Good lord he is quick. Caleb has also mastered getting into a sitting position from a crawl position. Manfriend noticed it one night; makes me wonder how long he really has been doing it because I clearly didn’t catch it! His new favorite thing is clapping and he started doing it after he got into a sitting position. I love it too. He claps with his mouth open and looks at me like, “well, do I have to cheer alone!?” This last month has been full of milestones and he’s changing so much! One thing that is exciting is Caleb is losing interest in his pacifier! We didn’t even wean him. He’s just not that into it anymore. He still takes it occasionally at nap or bedtime but then spits it out. Color me happy! Caleb also had his first real “bonk”. He slammed his face into the wood floor. His upper lip was swollen and red.

Foods: Well, Caleb still has no teeth. Not even one poking through. But he has been “biting” me when I nurse him. Dear God, it hurts. This last month he has eaten strawberries (loves), yogurt (finally likes it), rice crackers, cheerios, whole eggs (his doc OK’d it) and I gave him a taste of cake frosting at our friends’ baby’s 1st birthday as a treat. You can imagine what a hit it was. Caleb’s big thing this month has been cheese. Cheddar, to be exact. He loves it. Doesn’t surprise me since all of Manfriend’s family are cheese-aholics.

Likes: Caleb went through a phase where he was shaking his head “no”. It only lasted a couple of weeks but it was quite interesting. Caleb loves music and has just started to dance. This is by far my favorite thing. However, he only does it at the beginning of songs or when you change songs. We’re not surprised that he loves music since Manfriend and I love music… (see the video below…it gets best at 1:30)

Caleb has a love for paper and all things paper related. He is strangely obsessed with the carpet holder-in-placer material that we put under the legs on our couch. The texture interests him a lot. Caleb is babbling a lot more these days and it really seems like he tries to say Butters. It comes out more like “buh buh” but he says it whenever Chloe and Butters come in the room. I think Caleb thinks all larger animals are dogs though. We saw three horses at the park and he started squealing and yelling “buh buh”. It was adorable.

Books are really big lately. He never showed an interest in books before now. He loves em. He likes to pull them out and spread them all over the floor. His clear favorite is The Going-to-Bed Book (I have to read this one repeatedly) and The Very Hungry Caterpillar; he likes to flip the pages.

Dislikes: Diaper changes. Such fun when he rolls over and tries to escape.

Sleep: Caleb slept through the night! That’s two times in 9 months! Holler. Then he went back to waking 2-3 times. His sleep schedule has changed some since I haven’t been working. He usually takes 3 naps a day (30 minutes to an hour) but lately has been taking a short nap in the am and then a 2 hour nap at lunch time and a short nap before bed. Separation anxiety was a bear this last month and a half. It seems to be waning, but man, it was rough for about two months. I could barely leave the room without him erupting into tears. He still has separation anxiety but it is getting better due to his increasing independence. One thing that has helped is that Manfriend puts Caleb to bed most nights.

This last month has been so funny. Caleb is changing and becoming more and more independent. He is playing by himself and exploring everything in his world. He wakes up in the best mood (though bed time is pretty darn rough) and laughs at everything. We are having more and more fun with him as the days go by!

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4 thoughts on “Caleb: 9 months

  1. Aww thanks, FaiFai. He sure is funny. We have video of him dancing the hardest to Haddaway’s “What is Love?” (Night at the Roxbury music) and it is so hilarious.

    He is cute though. He got the best of our gene pool. The next baby is gone’ be ugggggs!

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