Summer Goals

Since I had last summer off from work, I decided to set some goals to bide my time. Did I achieve any of them? I did!

1. Finish knitting an elephant toy.

2. Beat Mario Galaxy 2. For reals. (It was too nice to play video games).

3. Watch Dexter. (more like become an obsessive fan of Dexter. I even had creepy Dexter dreams. I thought of naming our son Dexter…that’s how crazy it got).

4. Walk my girls every morning (when it is not raining). (I did it almost every morning!)

5. Garden. (hahahaha, not)

6. Cook and bake new dishes. (maybe this happened? I don’t remember).

7. Wash all of our little guy’s clothes and Bum Genius Diapers!

8. Read and relax in the sun.

9. Buy a pool and beach myself.

10. Prep my fall online courses. (I waited until the night before… and then panicked).

11. Enjoy Manfriend’s amazing bbq burgers and steaks.

12. Spend time with Manfriend.

13. Not check email!

14. Draw, paint, craft.

15. Sleep in!

This summer I have different goals but since I do have the summer off, I have a bunch of things I want to do/accomplish. (Sleeping in isn’t one of them because Caleb likes to wake before 6am. Whomp whomp.)

1. Quilt and craft it up, up in this piece.

2. Start my lil project. (more on that later!)

3. Organize the thousands of pictures and videos we have of Caleb. Daunting.

4. Run/Walk with Caleb 5 times/week. This means we get to play on the swings too since my trail is at a park with a playground!

5. Start Caleb in swimming class.

6. Join a play group for Caleb’s socialization and my sanity.

7. Walk the girls at night.

8. Plan our wedding. We have A LOT to do still.

9. Take naps when Caleb does.

10. Hang out with friends and family as much as possible.

11. Get a zoo membership and become a zoo junkie and claim that Caleb loves it but use him as an excuse so I can watch the hippos and orangutans all day long.

12. Drop 25 lbs.

13. Make dinner (I’ve really been slacking in the cooking department the last few months).

14. Go to the ocean and fly a kite.

15. Dates and picnics!

16. Watch some really trashy TV.

Do you set summer goals? Do summer goals fly out the window once we have “real world” jobs where there is no summer break? I don’t think I set summer goals when I had to work during summer, but now- they are completely relevant to me.

4 thoughts on “Summer Goals

  1. We are totally getting a Zoo membership! I want the Discovery one so people that come with us can get in cheaper also.
    I agree with napping when the kids do, however I don’t ever do it.
    And yes groups or planned playdates on a regular basis are a requirement for sanity!

  2. I have actually gotten really good at napping when Caleb does. Since he is such a crappy sleeper at night- I need my recovery during the day. I never napped when he was brand new, but now I do it shamelessly!

    I need to get on the zoo membership. We live close and Green Lake is right there so it’s a guaranteed good time. We usually go every year for my bday but now that CMac is here, we will go a lot more often. Plus, the dinosaur exhibit is there now! Whoo hoo!!!

  3. We were at the zoo for ZooTunes last Sunday (Marc Cohn). Those with zoo membership didn’t have to wait in line like we did, so if you get a membership and like the outdoor picnic-with-the-fam type concerts, that’s a bonus. 🙂

    p.s. Jim’s mom gave me a small jar of radish kimchi she put aside for you when she made a bunch last week. Are you planning to go to B-ham anytime soon, or any other northward locales that might put you near Kenmore en route? I’ll be picking up Jim from the airport Friday 7/15, and could bring it then, but it’ll be less “fresh” and more “sour” by that point I think – depends what you like. Let me know. 🙂 I could also give you one of the packs of bulgogi we have in the freezer, because she gave us a giant bowl of it. We ate it two nights in a row, and Jim said he’d had enough for a while, so into the freezer it went. Maybe this could count toward goal #13.

  4. Ohh, I could totally make a trip. We’ve made two to Bellingham in the last 2 weeks because Ty’s grandfather passed away, so they weren’t planned and wore us out. We could still drop by one day. I also have the glassware that the kimchi was in to give back to Jim’s folks.

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