Starfish Decor

I’ve always loved the appeal of beachy decor, especially of the starfish variety. In 2008, when we travelled to Hawaii and I brought back blue starfish to make some art to hang in our house. Great idea but the story ends badly. I walked into the living room to find our sweet dog, Butters, gnawing on them. It was my fault, really. She had been interested in them for weeks and never once took them. (I foolishly had them sitting on an end table “waiting”…more like “tempting“.) I guess that day Butters met her breaking point and had to taste them. I was sad but thankfully one of my friends gave me six starfish a few weeks later. Yippee.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that Manfriend cut this wood over a year and a half ago. It’s just been sitting in the basement waiting for me. I finally sanded the wood down and stained it Ebony (Minwax brand). I had planned on trying to age the wood a bit to make it look more “beachy” but Caleb doesn’t nap long and I was running out of time. I only used one coat because I wanted the wood grain to come through. I then wiped off the excess with a paper towel and the color came out really well. I hot-glued the starfish onto the boards. (The best part is that the wood was some of the cheap-y, discount wood from Home Depot so I think we only spent about $5 total on this project!)

Speaking of starfish, I saw this cartoon, “What it is like to (not) sleep at night” and HAD to share because of the starfish reference. This cartoon actually hits home…a little too close, really. Caleb is that starfish baby, and this cartoon is literally my life- just replace the cats with dogs.

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