Whipperberry Wreath

Whipperberry Wreath

Wreaths are kinda my thing. So when I saw this Spring Wreath by Heather from Whipperberry on The Idea Room last month I had to have one for myself. Mine turned out a little different but that’s because I didn’t buy the metal pendant; I made mine. (Though, I really really love that pendant.)

I used an entire queen size flat sheet. In Heather’s directions, she says you need an extra row to make it more “full”- and she is right. See my before and after? It looks a lot better.


skinny rows


full rows

(Some of the “poofs” look a bit weird here. I was in the process of gluing them down.)

The banner was kind of a pain in the butt because I hand-made it using bias tape. I folded it in half and then ironed it. From there, I made each letter and then sewed it onto a pieced of felt. I then added a little edging to each triangle for the pendant. This part took some time but it was well worth it in making it look more finished. Here is a close-up of my letter “n”.

letter N

From there I stitched the triangles together and then braided a piece of muslin for the wreath strap. (Make sure you nail your wreath strap into the wood because it can fall off if only hot-glued).

Here is how it looks finished. I LOVE it!

Whipperberry Wreath

(Here’s a tip- I ran out of clear plastic hair ties, and Target only had black left so I used black plastic hair ties for one row and you couldn’t see them at all).

I love making wreaths (here and here) so after spotting this one, I decided I’d have to make it as well!

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