Caleb: 8 months

Caleb’s Stats:

Weight: 21lbs 9ounces
Length: Long. He seems longer and skinnier each day. His chubs are slowly disappearing…

Caleb: 8 months

 Disgusted. That is me. How the hell have 8 months gone by so fast? Listen, I am a mess. I was not this bad after Caleb was born. But now, oh man, I am a wreck. If I even start to think about how fast this time has gone by or how much I love my little guy or all of the things I want him to see and do and learn and experience, I become a weepy mess. I heard a song a few weeks ago called, “Please Stay a Baby”. Thank God no one was around when I heard it because I cried. And cried. And cried. Caleb just stared at me. Not sweet crying either…ugly crying. We are talking blubbering and repeated nose blowing. It came on the other day and to get to the remote to change the channel in time, I nearly flipped our couch, Teresa Guiduci style.

Every. Single. Word. Made. Sense. How has this sweet boy grown right before my eyes? I can barely remember what he was like as a newborn! Moving on…

He is so rambunctious and slams things around and he likes to slap my chest and clang toys together. He hits his head often and twists his arm in weird ways when he is on the floor. I am already envisioning the doctor visits for bumps and bruises. He has been growling a lot lately and his new thing is holding his breath and grunting. It must be a new sensation to him but it is so funny to watch.

Food: Caleb has been eating a lot of new foods and we have been letting him feed himself (see the evidence below). We just tried egg yolks (no whites because they are the main allergy culprit) and he loves them. Broccoli and chicken have been a hit and so have mixed berries. We tried plain yogurt but he isn’t the biggest fan. I need to find something better to mix it with besides tangy berries. He still doesn’t have any teeth, either! Wonder when those will pop up.

We’ve been taking Caleb outside each day that the weather allows it. He loves touching the grass and watching the dogs run around. Have I ever mentioned in these 8 months how much he loves the dogs? He loves the dogs. I kind of think more than me. They motivate him like no human could (well besides the little humans at his daycare; they are the best teachers). He is scooting like crazy, but only backwards. He is close to pulling himself up too. I am A-OK with him not standing and not crawling forward yet. The less I have to panic the better.

Sleep: Caleb likes to party. That is all I need to say about his development this last month. At 7am, 2pm, 11pm, 2am, 4am. It doesn’t matter. If he is in the mood to “get down” he will. This involves lots of babbles, lots of thrashing and kicking. He isn’t mad though- just partying. Have I ever mentioned that Caleb is still not sleeping through the night? He is still co-sleeping the second half of the night (most nights). You can call us weak, that’s OK- we are. I usually bring him in our room around 2am or 4am when he wakes. I am working on leaving him in his crib but I swear I cannot listen to him cry in there. I know he isn’t hungry and I know he wants snuggles so I try my hardest to just pat his back until he falls asleep and then go back to bed. It is slowly, slowly working, but I know he is waking out of routine more than anything. I am tired though. He wants my breast on tap (like in Gremlins when they ransack the bar) when he is in our bed and that isn’t comfortable. But when he is sick, all bets are off. We put him in our bed all night. He sleeps better- and so do we.

Caleb has another ear infection and has been sick the last week or so. This is his third ear infection in 3 months and he copes with them well. Poor little guy. I hate when he is sick and daycare has done a number on him. He still loves it and because he will be done in two days, I plan on joining a play group to ensure he gets the social interaction. He loves his Daddy and he loves playing “where’s Daddy!?” I ask and then Caleb looks right at him and gives the cheesiest smile. We do it over and over. He gives all the best smiles and giggles to Daddy…



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4 thoughts on “Caleb: 8 months

  1. he is so stinkin cute.

    i am loving this age. the interaction is so amazing.

    i need to be branch out on the foods. thanks for inspiring me.

  2. I love this age too! There are so funny and are really starting to show their independence. Good luck branching out on the foods. Caleb loves things I never would have thought- he can go to town on some beets and mangoes.

  3. I wonder if Caleb would like the plain yogurt if you mixed it with mashed bananas? I’ve eaten it that way (though I do like it plain, too, since I don’t mind the tartness). The bananas counter the tang quite a bit without actually adding honey or sugar – they do need to be mashed though, so they can thoroughly mix with the yogurt. Otherwise, you get a little chunk of sweet in a mouthful of sour.

    Caleb is such a sweet little guy!

  4. I’ve tried the mashed bananas with yogurt, still didn’t like it. He does love banana and avocado mash (have you tried that? It is actually really tasty.) What I’ve found is that the yogurt, when mixed with a veggie and chicken seems to add a creaminess that he really likes. So this whole time I’ve been trying to mix the yogurt with fruit so the fruit would add sweetness when I should have been using the yogurt as a supplement to savory!

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