Baby Smash!

One of my students told me about Baby Smash!. They advertise as “baby proof computer fun”- and it is. You just download a program that allows your baby to play with your computer without “ruining” things. Of course, my suggestion is to let your baby play Baby Smash! on a desktop because the keyboard isn’t attached to the brains of the computer like it is a laptop…but we let Caleb play on my laptop…

(He doesn’t really start playing until about :30 seconds in).

Caleb is OBSESSED. He sees my computer and goes nuts. In fact, as I type this he is actually trying to army crawl toward me to get to my computer. I realize this could also be a bad thing- we probably shouldn’t teach him that the computer is a toy but he sure does love it and it is fun to watch. For now.

3 thoughts on “Baby Smash!

  1. Uh where was this when I needed it? Yeah it will probably attract him to the computer even more but it works for now! We gave Kate our old broken keyboard…she hit it so much she was the one who broke it. But they both like to pretend with it,

  2. Caleb really loves our computers. It is so weird how he sees them and freaks out. Of course, these babies will be so advanced when it comes to technology we will be those “old people who don’t know how to…”

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