Birthday Man…

Yesterday was Manfriend’s birthday. We had to celebrate the day before because I had night class yesterday- boo. He’s getting old, but he won’t ever catch up to me so I can’t really say much. In honor of Manfriend I’d like to spew off some of my faves to celebrate his birth date:

1. Awesome. I repeat, awesome father.

2. Best omelet maker in town. Scratch that, best brea-fast maker in town.

3. Ooh the snuggles.

4. Techy McTechersons. I guess this is one area where I seriously ascribe to gender roles. I could not marry a man who couldn’t fix tech problems or do things around the house. I like to call him “Tim the Toolman Tyler” and it is absolutely something I am so thankful for. He reminds me of my grandpa and step-father because they can always fix things. I like this about him.

5. He works a trade job. This means he comes home dirty, with his hair messy, often a lil stinky but I likey. Something many women find very attractive. I am one of them.

6. When he is funny, he is FUNNY. He doesn’t try to be funny or tell jokes but when he is “on”, my belly hurts from laughing.

7. He gets along with everyone. Seriously, I don’t know one person who doesn’t like him. If there is one- I promise that person is the weirdo.

8. Rap. No matter how much I wish I could alter his musical tastes, he ain’t budging. He has made me like some artists but I think he still listens to a lot of crap.

9. He ain’t budging. I have a very strong personality and he doesn’t put up with my crap.

10. Patience. Never in my life have I met someone with more patience.

11. Tyburgers. If you haven’t had one then you just won’t get it. These are so delicious. I know certain folks are jealous I live with the TyBurger because I reap the rewards quite often. Dear God are they yummy.

12. Caleb. He helped make our sweet boy. Impossible without him. I love him for Caleb.

13. He says “toots” and “turds” regularly. For example, “stop being a turd”, “what a turd”, “I think she tooted”, and “it smells like toots in here”.

14. Caleb calls him “dada”. This is so recent but it melts my heart. I love this.

15. He cleans. Everything. He gets in moods where he will clean for hours…crazy.

16. He does the grocery shopping and isn’t bothered that I hate it. In fact, he prefers I don’t go. I don’t save us any money and he saves us tons!

17. He makes good money. Does this make me shallow? Absolutely not. I love that he works hard and gets recognized for his achievements.

18. He supports me. When I have tough decisions (mainly work ones) he always says that I need to do what makes me happy and he will support me no matter what. And he means it.

19. He proposed to me when I was 5 months pregnant. Out of the blue. It took two days for it to kick in. I have never been so surprised in my life.

20. He likes dogs.

21. He doesn’t like cats.

22. He lets me take pictures, lots of pictures. He hates having his picture taken but he succumbs to my pressure because I say things like “when so-and-so dies you will be thankful to have the photos!”

23. He makes Caleb smile when he comes home from work.

24. He loves my family and had zero problems fitting in. He even came to a family Thanksgiving after dating for a mere 2 months. That is brave…

25. He likes washing cars. To Tyler, a Sunday is best spend washing cars, mowing the lawn and “relaxing”.

26. He is very social and likes to BBQ and invite people over. He is an amazing host. Better than I. In fact, he is better than most.

27. He is going to be my husband this year! How exciting. I get to be a Mrs. I wouldn’t want to be any other Mrs.


2 thoughts on “Birthday Man…

  1. Aww cute! Wish I had been reading your blog w/ a greater degree of regularity than I would have not foolishly wished Tyler a happy bday 10 days late ha ha!

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