Caleb: 7 months

Caleb’s Stats:

Height: We haven’t measured him but he is getting freakishly long. I swear he grew 2 inches in 2 weeks.
Weight: 20.5-21lbs (this is a guess because he was 20lbs at 6 months).

Caleb: 7 monthsMilestones: “MAMA”! Caleb has been saying “mama” as well as other things like “bababa” for the past few days. Of course, I know he doesn’t associate the word with me BUT I really love hearing it. My hard work is paying off!  Caleb is sitting up! Yay. He still topples over after about 10 minutes when he loses interests but man, he loves being able to sit up and play. Caleb has been scooting a lot lately and is getting faster every day; though he scoots backward more than forward. Hmm, movement is movement, right? Caleb still has no teeth in that mouth of his. Good night! I feel so badly for him because I swear his teeth have been trying to come in for a while! He is chomping like crazy and gnawing on my fingers, his bottle nipples, pacifiers, toys, etc (thankfully not me). Caleb is also starting to drink from a sippy cup. Caleb took to it pretty quickly, thankfully. The one thing he doesn’t seem to like is how quickly the liquids come out. This comes from his love of the slow flow nipples on his bottles (we try and try to switch to higher flow but he hates them…) This is just one more sign that he is growing up *snivel*.

Sleep: Things have gotten a bit better but Caleb is still waking 1-2 times throughout the night. Caleb had a week where he slept really well and only woke 1-2 times. He quickly went back to waking 4-6 times. This past week has been a huge improvement and just last night he spent the night away from home! How nervous was I? You can imagine. His day care was closed and my sister and her boyfriend had the day off so they watched him over night. He did really well. I think better than I did. Manfriend and I commented on how weird it was not having him home. Our house felt empty. Just what, exactly, was life like before him? I don’t remember and I cannot imagine life without him. I missed his noises, his snuggles, his giggles and waking up to smile. I was ecstatic to get him back and he was really happy to see me…of course, Butters trumped me. He saw her and instantly started scream-laughing.  One of the weirdest things about sleep and Caleb? He seems to HATE sleeping with footie pajamas on!? We’ve known that Caleb hates socks and shoes but I noticed that when he sleeps better- he’s wearing regular pajamas (no feet). Weird, huh? We had one horrible night where our Angelcare Movement Monitor alarm went off. I’m not sure if it was a false alarm or if Caleb stopped breathing but it was the scariest thing ever. We are so thankful to have this monitor.

Favorite Foods: sweet potatoes, beets, apples & cinnamon, barley cereal, mangoes, cantaloupe, mashed banana & avocado. Really though, he hasn’t disliked any food we’ve given him. He loves it all. We aren’t picky eaters so we hope Caleb is the same way. I plan on giving him spices regularly and introducing him to Indian foods as well so he gets the tastes early. (We love us some cultural food so Caleb is going to have to get use to it). Our pediatrician said not to start meats until 9 months to avert any allergies but I did give Caleb some ground turkey with peas and apples. He LOVES it. I know around 6-7 months their iron stores from pregnancy start to diminish and I have read they can eat meats at this time so I wanted to try it. So far- success.

Toys: Oh man, does Caleb love his toys! His favorite is his Fisher Price Workbench. He also really loves his VTech Car and B. Zany Zoo cube. He plays with Peek-a-Blocks at day care and seems to love them so we bought him some for home. (I think we enjoy his toys as much as he does at this point). He has been diving for our computer, remotes, and cell phones so Manfriend gave him an old remote to play with (sans batteries and after a good Lysol’ing). He doesn’t like it much. Maybe he wants the ones he can’t have? The jig is up.

One of Caleb’s favorite things has been to go on walks in his stroller. He loves it! Again, no socks allowed. If I put socks on him, he rubs his feet together to get them off. If I leave him bare foot with just a blanket wrapped around him- he is content. Caleb has a couple of new “friends” in day care and he really loves watching them play, eat, and suck on toys. Caleb got scratched by one boy and didn’t cry or seem phased…but it did look malicious (trust me, it wasn’t…it just looked that way). Caleb absolutely LOVES being tickled. He laughs ans screams like crazy. He is ticklish everywhere! Seriously.

Caleb’s newest thing: screaming. Like really screaming. When he gets pissed off- he squeal-screams and good lord it is intense! He seems to have this really strange obsession with tags. Tags on blankets, toys, clothes, whatever. He loves tags and he makes a weird “henh” sound as he rolls the tags between his fingers. He concentrates intently on tags and they seem to be his new favorite things. It often looks like he is trying to read them. The sound he makes is similar to this sound he makes while eating…only it’s a lot more exaggerated.



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2 thoughts on “Caleb: 7 months

  1. Wow amazing pictures! Little man is getting his model on in pics # 1 and especially # 4!

    That IS scary about the baby monitor thing going off? What was the deal w/ that?

    P.S. He is noisy when he eats by himself. It is funny, though!

  2. Model pose #4 is so funny. He does silly stuff like that all of the time. The baby monitor thing was frightening and I was hyper upset about it (I even broke down bawling in front of his teacher at day care when I told her about it, sheesh!)

    He is noisy ALL OF THE TIME.

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