It’s Ba-acne

(That is supposed to be a Poltergeist reference. Unfortunately, my face is just as scary.)

My acne is back with a vengeance. Not backne like you may have thought from the title but you get the gist. Some of you may remember my “Spotlight On: Adult Acne!” last year…well, the spotlight was dimmed the whole duration of my pregnancy. At ten weeks post postpartum BAM- it came back! My skin was clear as can be my whole pregnancy. I kept telling people that I thought my pregnancy hormones made my skin clear and a lot of people responded that it was more than likely my switching to a new cleanser. Well, I am still using that cleanser and the acne is back. In yo’ face…

OK, in my face.

It sucks. The only reason I am even sharing this picture is because I have no shame in having acne at age 29. Actually, that’s a lie. I hate it. Everyone told me it would go away as I got older and it hasn’t. Maybe I shouldn’t have so readily taken everyone’s word? Maybe the acne makes my students feel more connected to me? Maybe it makes me look younger? Maybe it shows that I still have the hormones of a teenager? Maybe I am reaching for anything to help explain it? Definitely.

I am actually OK with it. Honest. I complain about it to Manfriend but the truth is, it only occurs during certain phases of my cycle (but when it does it packs heat, like gangsta weaponry). Beyond that, I have learned to deal with it and the one benefit of my acne now compared to 10 years ago is that it goes away much more quickly.

I refuse to go back to harsh prescriptions for my face so I guess the only thing that works is to get knocked up again.

8 thoughts on “It’s Ba-acne

  1. [spooky soundtrack] You’re not alone….. Is there a line like that in Poltergeist? At least you have familial company – mine gets worse the longer I am away from prescriptions. πŸ™‚ But yeah, it actually doesn’t bother me as much as it used to, either. And, you can always console yourself with the fact that the oil (if you have a slick like mine) will delay wrinkles. Maybe [crosses fingers].

  2. The solution to my post-baby weight problem is to get knocked up again so we’re on the same page on that one πŸ™‚

    Your eyelashes look really pretty. That is what I noticed first πŸ™‚

    Would still love to do a walk when the rain Gods decide to take some time off. Lets be in touch….

  3. The good news is that it looks like it’s contained only to your chin/underneath area, and it’s small (not cystic). Do you rest your chin/face on your hands a lot during the day? I used to do this a lot in college, and I had the same pattern of breakouts on my face. I think it was from the oils in my hands (ahem, B&BW lotions).

    Regardless, you have rockin’ long eyelashes and are still a hot mom! And, yes, I thought you were going to post about bacne – I’m glad you didn’t! πŸ™‚

    1. Aww thanks! I am really thankful to never had cystic acne. I have had friends who have had it and man, it seemed so painful. I do rest my chin on my face. Actually, I notice when I am nervous I touch my face a lot and I know that has something to do with it (as well as talking on the phone). It has ALWAYS been my problem spot.

      Definitely never going to post about bacne…that would turn everyone away!

  4. That is a confusing title! I thought you meant like back acne that people get from like steroids and stuff. I think any references to Poltergeist would be lost upon most people these days!

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