Exercise: Month 5

I’m still exercising. Though, I am mosty walking right now, not much more. A few weeks ago I decided to go on a walk in my work shoes and developed wicked blisters. After that, a friend and I decided to bu running shoes (from Super Jock n Jill which was cheap and helpful) and walk Green Lake but because of my blister, I walked the 2.8 miles in flip flops. The next day my foot killed me so I did nothing for a week while that got better.

I’ve been doing 1-2 miles either at a park or with Caleb strapped to me on the treadmill. Since the weather is starting to get nice I actually love my daily walks with Caleb. He loves them too. I notice 2 miles outdoors goes by a LOT faster than on a treadmill because there is so much to see and it’s not boring. I bring my phone and play “Caleb’s” station on Pandora so we listen to music while we stroll, literally. (Just yesterday Manfriend drove home from work and saw us walking and surprised us at the park. It was sweet.)

My biggest problem this last month has been my diet. I haven’t been eating as well as I should. No worries, I am back on the wagon right now and ready to go. You should notice by now that my weight loss has been really slow, like, dreadfully slow. I am trying more to change my lifestyle than anything and I don’t want to be one of those people who loses a lot of weight and then piles it back on (plus, I’ve had some “not-so-successful” weeks here and there). I am happy to do things slowly and and incorporate a healthier lifestyle than have a quick, unhealthy payoff…but man, it’s time to pick things up!

Weight loss: 3 lbs

2 thoughts on “Exercise: Month 5

  1. Here’s hoping you stay encouraged! 3 lbs. is still 3 lbs. – progress regardless of the pace.

    I didn’t really start seeing results last year until I started tracking everything in, everything out (meaning what I ate vs. how much I exercised). If you have the time and motivation, you could find a program to calculate it for you, so you just enter what you ate/did every day. It sounds a bit elementary school and laborious, but once I finally gave in to it, I actually started to like it. I could see whether I was consistently getting enough fiber, too heavy on carbs, etc. Also I could see clearly that, if I wanted 200 calories of dessert, I was gonna have to add another exercise to my day, for example. It felt a little like babysitting myself, but I think I needed it.

    Good luck on your continued journey!

  2. Good advice Becca. I remember when I lost a bit of weight I used CalorieCount.com and did exactly what you mentioned. It was laborious but it definitely worked. I just started a food journal so I am hoping that helps out. It also is nice that Ty is doing the weight loss with me so it’s not just me.

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