Behind Door Number 2…

You might remember last year when I posted Behind Door Number One. Well, I made a big move a couple of weeks ago: I traded my car in! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved my old car (2007 Toyota Corolla) but it was just too small for my daily travels with Caleb and all of his goodies. Plus, I am pretty darn tall and I needed a car that was easy for me to bend in and out of and especially sit in the back seat to feed, change, and hang with Caleb. I had thought about getting a mid size SUV but because I commute 1.5 hours each day (some days 3 hrs), I needed to stay economical in terms of gas mileage. So, I decided to go with a Toyota Camry Hybrid.

I didn’t buy brand new, I traded my 2007 in for a 2009 and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. I had a day of buyer’s remorse but after sitting in a Corolla about a week later I was satisfied that I went with a bigger car. The plus? It gets the same gas mileage as my Corolla did! Whoo hoo. I am also quite proud to admit that I can sit comfortably in the back seat! No joke, there is even extra room for my legs which is saying a whole lot since there was zero room for my comfort in my Corolla. I actually have changed Caleb back there twice now with room to move. Color me happy!

The downside? Caleb doesn’t seem to like it as much. It is freakishly quiet and because the windows are tinted- it is pretty dark inside. (You see that pimped out ride above? Yeah, normally I don’t like tinted windows but I definitely am growing to like them.) Caleb really loved my loud and bright Corolla and it seemed to put him to sleep within minutes. This car has taken some getting use to. Caleb seems to be adjusting to it now but the first couple of days he refused to nap and fussed the whole time.

The car is unbelievably quiet. I love all of the gadgets telling me when I am driving efficiently and how many mpg I am getting based on my driving. The one big bummer is that there is no moon roof (that would make it less economical/efficient) so I am getting use to not having one. I love having this bigger car and having enough room to have Caleb’s giant stroller in the trunk at all times so I can stop and go on a walk anytime I feel. You might suggest a light umbrella stroller; we cannot do umbrella strollers. I tried. I hunched over the whole time. They don’t make them for tall people. Jerks.

Buying a car was not something that was in our plans but after having Caleb we knew it had to happen. We will be transitioning to a big car seat soon and that would have never fit in my Corolla. (They fit in Corollas regularly but since I am so tall- my seats were all the way back lending no room for a larger seat. I checked). I love that my Journey to Thirty now includes an object that will literally assist in my future Journeys. This sweet Camry Hybrid has definitely added comfort in this new mama’s life. Ask any new mom- comfort is essential to happiness.

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