Caleb: 6 months

Caleb’s Stats:

Height: 28 inches
Weight: 20 lbs

Caleb: 6 months

Caleb is definitely a long boy! And where he use to be a chunkmeister- he is now just in the 80th percentile for weight so his weight gain has slowed down quite a bit (You remember how chubby he was, right?). I read in Parents magazine to guesstimate your son’s height you add 5 inches to mom’s height and then average that number with dad’s. To guesstimate your daughter’s height you subtract 5 inches from mom’s height and then average that number with dad’s height. That means Caleb could be 6’3″!

This past month has been pretty challenging in the sleep department. Caleb has had 2 colds and 2 ear infections within three weeks and he has decided that he doesn’t like sleeping through the night anymore. Yippee. Caleb isn’t sleeping for more than 2 hours at a time at night (maybe the longest stretch has been 2.5 hours, seriously). He use to sleep from 7pm-4am, eat, and then go back to sleep. Not anymore. We were prepared for sleepless nights but not going from months of sleeping through the night to not at all. He now wakes about 4-5 times between 8pm and 5am. No idea what is going on. Sometimes he just wants to be held for a minute then he falls back asleep. (Manfriend and I cannot let him cry it out, it is just to hard for us. Trust me, we don’t judge those who do cry it out- it just isn’t for us.) Growth spurt? Teething? Separation anxiety? We don’t know. Any ideas?

035 (2)




015 (3)

Milestones: Caleb is so close to sitting up by himself. He has also fully discovered his legs and feet and love sucking on his toes. He is rolling onto his side and while he still refuses to roll over on the floor, he loves rolling over lots in his crib. He loves watching himself open and close his fist. He stares in amazement; it is hilarious. Caleb is saying more syllables too. We hear “ba, ma, la, ga and da” sounds right now. Reaching for me! I don’t think you understand how much I love this. If I put my arms out to grab him he lunges for me. I love it. So much. This next part may not be a milestone but I consider it to be one: Caleb has a friend. There is a little boy at daycare who is one month older than Caleb and they are buddies. When Caleb comes in, the little boy beams at him. When Caleb sees him, he smiles and sticks his arm out for him. They play* together on the floor and Caleb watches him crawl in amazement. Caleb has learned a lot being in daycare simply by watching other kids and I am so happy he gets to socialize with other babies.

Likes: Naked time: we give Caleb naked time and he loves it; he often pees on whatever we lay him on but he really enjoys rolling around in the buff. Caleb really likes his pacifier. I know I mentioned this last month, but he sure does use this thing now. Thankfully, it’s only when he goes to sleep or is in the car for a while. Music: we knew this would be a given because music is such a huge part of our lives but he definitely loves music. He really likes when I sing to him. I have a special song I made just  for Caleb the week he was born and I’ve sang  it to him since then when we are alone.(It’s top secret though so I’m not sharing.) Amoxicillin: he got this for his ear infection and we started calling it “pink drink” because he gulped it down smiling. Goats: we went to the zoo for the first time and he loved the goats. Maybe they reminded him of dogs? Of all the animals we saw- he only seemed to enjoy the goats. Dog Barking: Caleb loves when dogs bark. He giggles like a mad man. Some babies would be scared of dog barking. Not our son- he lives for it.

Dislikes: Socks and shoes: he rubs his feet together until they come off. We almost never put socks on Caleb unless we are going on a walk or will be outdoors for a long period of times. He hates them and since he uses his feet like a monkey (seriously, he grasps things with ’em) we let him have foot freedom 90% of the time. There isn’t much more that he truly dislikes.

005 (7)





Seriously. He is so flippin’ cute!

*Most of the time their “play” includes grabbing a toy the other baby is sucking on or grabbing each other’s faces until they cry.

4 thoughts on “Caleb: 6 months

  1. Cash and Caleb were opposite in their sleeping. He did pretty good for the first 3 months and then I was like, “where did my good sleeper go?” and then 3-6 months SUCKED big time. Then the cry it out as you know. Now I am a new woman w/ him sleeping from anywhere between 7-9pm to about 6:30-7:00am. I don’t what happened to me when I became a mother but I could talk about sleep and naps and everything sleep related for hours.

    I hope he gets into a good routine again. Good luck! He is so stinkin’ cute!

  2. Caleb slept so well those first 3 months too! I agree about talking about sleep and naps; it consumes me. What’s funny is the last 2 nights Caleb has slept from 7:30 until 3:30am without a peep and then goes back to bed until 6am. I am so thankful for that and really hope this is the start of a better sleep schedule.

  3. Well, I’m sorry he’s been up so much lately, but many people deal with that from the beginning, so at least you got several months of good sleep before being broken in on that front. 🙂 Caleb is such a sweet-looking baby – I just want to hold his little face! And you’re doing a great job with the photos and videos.

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