Caleb’s Rogue Toes

I love my son. In fact, I think he is one of the cutest babies on the planet (can you possibly disagree?). But he has funky toes (especially on his right foot). I call it his “rogue toe”. I noticed it shortly after he was born. I remember one of my coworkers telling me “the moment your baby comes out you will love your baby and think it is gorgeous…but you will notice the flaws right away”. So true. Now, she didn’t mean “flaws” in a mean way, she just meant you will notice things that make you go “hmm, that’s different”.

Caleb had some wicked fur on his ears when he was born…he also had awesome Keebler ears. He was born with three white spots on his upper lip that formed a triangle. Manfriend and I actually loved these and were sad as they slowly went away (don’t worry- we got lots of pics). All of those little things have gone away without us noticing them…except his rogue toes. Caleb inherited this from my sister. See that third toe? It is smaller than the rest and “pops” up a little bit. My sister’s toe does this too.

I found it especially funny when I did Caleb’s foot prints and the rogue toe showed up…or didn’t. See?

Here’s the thing: I love Caleb’s toes. I love that this is something special about him that he shares this with my sister. I absolutely love that his footprint is unique. I remember one woman telling me to “capture” the moments no one thinks of capturing (ie massive blowouts…yep, we took a photo and tossed that onesie) and this is one of those things.  I plan on framing Caleb’s footprint so that we can “capture” his toes at this age because I have a feeling as he grows his rogue toes will become less noticeable. I’m sure he will dread these photos as he grows older…but isn’t that one of the perks of being a parent?

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