Put A Bird On It

Have you seen Portlandia on IFC? If not, you should probably stop what you are doing right now and go watch it. Seriously, so funny. OK, maybe it is so funny because I live in Seattle and almost everything on this show applies to Seattle as well as Portland.

The other night Manfriend and I were watching Portlandia and when I saw the slip “Put A Bird On It” I actually laughed out loud. Why? Because I HAVE bird decor in my house! In fact, the other day I went shopping and was debating between a psychedelic tote and one with birds on it. It was close, but I didn’t choose the birds. Trust me, I wavered between the two for a good fifteen minutes. Here is the sketch so you can familiarize yourself with Portlandia.

So, without further ado…some of our my bird art:

The two photos above are of the same bird, but from different angles.The photo below is of a different bird (I bought two) and it sits in the corner of our living room. (It is actually perched on a real twig that you attach to the wall, easy peasy). I love these two birds. I cannot remember the local artist who I bought these from but I do have her email address somewhere. I saw her birds at one of my friend’s art shows and had to have them. She had some that were hanging from the ceiling so that they looked like they were flying. I have to admit, the bird that looks like it is saying “huh!?” is my favorite.

As for other bird art, here are some owls that are meant to be Christmas decorations, but I use them year round. I bought them at Target along with some little otter ornaments when I wanted our tree to look like “woodland creatures” one year. (Yeah, the episode from Portlandia was made for me, I get me). I swap these out with the fabric birds I made using a pattern from the Purl Bee. You can find the sewn bird pattern here.


If you are interested in the ornament tree in the previous photos or want information on how I made the yarn egg ornaments as shown in the photos, you can click here.

I’ll be honest with you. I love bird things. I don’t like birds in real life, except at a distance (their tongues give me the heebie jeebies) but I definitely fancy some bird decor. So now that decorating with birds has been put on blast by Portlandia, do you think the trend will stop? Me either…

3 thoughts on “Put A Bird On It

  1. Ehh, I’m gonna have to watch that, because I love bird decor, too. I bought some potholders last Sunday that made me think of you, too – they have little owls on them, and are so cute! I thought of the owl you had on the invitations for your baby shower. 🙂

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