Exercise: Month 3

I was going to do this monthly but it is just easier to do it every other month. I’ve been into exercising more and more but I have had some speed bumps. I took two week break for the flu and a wicked cough and now I am taking four days off for a family emergency, so I definitely am behind on exercising. Other than that, I am feeling really good about my progress thus far. I’ve started on the 9 week program for EA Sports Active 2 and it is kicking my butt. By the time the workout is done I am covered in sweat. It is gross but so worth it. (I’ve missed 6 workouts that I have to makeup, eek).

I tried working out while Caleb napped during the day but it didn’t work out. I was stressed during my workout thinking he would wake and then when he did wake, I would have to stop and nurse him for a while and then go back to working out. Not so fun when I am drenched in sweat. Stopping mid-workout also made it harder for me to get back into working out. So now, I exercise after Caleb goes to bed. Manfriend “mans” the baby monitor and I get a no-stress period to work out. Man is it nice!

I can tell my legs are getting stronger and I can feel the weight loss in terms of how my clothes are fitting (and I can feel my quad muscles!). The most disappointing thing is how hard it is to lose belly weight. In the past this was the first place I lost weight but I guess this is one of those things having a baby effects. I am OK with it though because I am really starting to enjoy exercising.

Weight Loss: 3lbs
Inches Lost: 2 inches

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