Caleb: 4 months

Caleb’s Stats

Height: ~26.5 inches
Weight: 18.5 lbs

Caleb: four monthsMilestones: Caleb rolled over! I could see he was about to do and yelled for Tyler to come, but  he was doing laundry and missed it! Of course, it scared Caleb so badly that he cried for a little bit but I am sure he’ll start doing it once he feels more confident. Caleb is sleeping longer at night! Whoo hoo. We’re averaging around 7-8 hours before he needs some food but then he goes right back to sleep. Caleb has also fully grasped his hands. He loves those things…especially his fingers. He is looking and grabbing objects which is so fun to watch and most things end up in his mouth. He is trying desperately hard to sit up. He refuses to even try rolling over but struggles to get into a sitting position anytime he is not sleeping. And talking. This is probably the biggest thing this month. Caleb never stops talking. He HAS to have inherited that trait from me. Seriously, if he isn’t sleeping, he’s chatting, screeching or squawking. One of the cutest things is that Caleb has fully giggled. He hasn’t stringed together the super powerful giggles much but he let one out when Chloe tripped over his toy. He thought it was the funniest thing ever. He giggled like crazy- we did too.

Likes: 1. Trying to sit up. 2. Caleb loves animal noises; it doesn’t matter which kind. Any animal noise makes him smile, especially monkey noises. 3. Rattles; he loves slamming them around and throwing them across the room. 4. Music. This isn’t really shocking to anyone who knows how much Manfriend and I love music but Caleb seems to have inherited that love. In the car he “sings” with me. I love it. 5. Caleb loves slamming his arms back and forth and pinching-it hurts, for real.6. When we “gobble” his neck, blow on his belly, or kiss his cheek- he loves this and smiles and opens his mouth to try to get our noses/faces/mouth into his. 7. Making out with Butters. Anytime she walks toward him he smiles and opens his mouth…

Dislikes: Being taken out of the bath. Still hates it. There was a period where he wasn’t screaming as much but it ended. He still screams like crazy when we take him out. (Swimming is definitely on the list once he hits the 6 month mark.) Being tired. When this boy is tired his whole world collapses. Still hates the pacifier and only uses it when we are out and about shopping or when he is falling asleep while being babysat (we’re super thankful for this because we don’t want him to be dependent on one- yikes).

We decided against putting the diaper pics on my blog from here on. We still take them for us but there are too many creeps out there and while we can’t stop them from looking, we can stop them for seeing more of Caleb than we want. Here’s some videos of our little sho’ty from the last month.

018 (8)



021 (3)



016 (3)

Love this chunky monkey. Seriously, I am in love.

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