Let’s Revisit Our Goals

Well, we aren’t going to meet one of our goals this year. We aren’t buying a house. This is sad to me because I was really looking forward to our first house, yet at the same time, I feel so much relief! I believe in signs and the other day the woman who owns the home we live in emailed me to ask if we could commit to another year. Manfriend didn’t even think twice; he just said “tell her ‘yes'”.

This means we have a whole extra year to save for our down payment (which hopefully means we will end up with smaller payments or a bigger house, who knows right now). We won’t be stressed about planning our wedding, Caleb’s 1st birthday, my 30th birthday, and our 6 year anniversary (all in the month of September!) and moving in the same month. Phew. That was exhausting just typing that- let alone planning on living it! We seriously were planning all of that. Crazy? Maybe.

Now, we are going to aggressively save and wait for the right time for us to buy a home. It’s definitely bittersweet but we really do like the house we are living in so we don’t mind an extra year here. Sometimes on our “journeys” it is important to reassess and alter our goals to make them fit in to where we are in life- and that is just what we are doing. The upside: looks like I’ll be buying that dSLR sooner than I had planned!

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