Co-sleeping to Crib-sleeping

Well, we cracked. We moved Caleb to his crib (picture me sniveling here). Actually, Manfriend was the one who was delaying moving Caleb to his crib. He kept saying “not yet”. We both loved having Caleb in our bed and we think the reason he is such a good sleeper at night is because he had the comfort of us right beside him. The plan was that Caleb would sleep in our bed until 3 months, then move to a play yard by our bed until 6 months and then into the crib. That didn’t happen.

I am hyper wary of SIDS. Seriously. I am scared to death of it. I know the rate is higher in boys and I know of a little 4 month old boy who just died of SIDS so it is certainly something I think of often. Since we have the AngelCare Movement and Sound Monitor, I wanted that to reassure me and the only way to use that is in the crib. So Caleb moved to the crib! It has been pretty weird for me and Manfriend. I wake up often because I hear him making groaning noises and I think he will wake at any moment; Manfriend wakes just to listen to the monitor.

How we did it:
Since Caleb turned 3 months, I notice that he was waking every 3 hours to eat. I have a suspicion he just liked the boob on tap. I started to realize that he wasn’t sleeping as well in our bed as he use to. I think we were keeping him up. So we moved him to his crib for the whole night. We started out putting Caleb in his crib until we went to bed (from 8-10pm or s0). Then we carried him into our room to sleep. We did this for about three nights.

How the first night went:
The first night went well. Caleb slept for 7 hours straight! Ever since that he has been sleeping from about 8pm-5am, he eats, then goes back to sleep until 6 or 7am. I was worried he would start crying to get our attention at night but instead he just loudly yells “unh”. It is so nice to be able to have a baby and sleep at the same time!

How are we adjusting:
Moving Caleb to his crib has been something we are still adjusting to. Our king size bed feels huge again. It’s hard to imagine a little baby taking up so much space- but he does (sprawled out with his arms either above his head or completely flailed out)! I’m sure I’ll start sleeping better as we progress; I just miss waking up to him and nursing him seemed so much easier when he was in our bed. (Nursing has been totally easy with Caleb in his crib in his bedroom. Since he only wakes up once, I only have to get up once). I never was a morning person and I never thought I would actually want to wake up early! Now I get all excited to get up and go get him from his crib in the morning because I get to see his sweet smile.

The bonus:
Now, I hear Manfriend on the baby monitor whispering to Caleb that he loves him when he leaves for work in the morning. So sweet.

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