My Life In Excel

Has anyone ever told you something about yourself that you never realized until they mentioned it? I’m not talking about arguing with someone or someone belittling you; I mean something completely honest and true to who you are. This happened to me about 5 months ago.

My friend treated me to a museum visit and breakfast and as always, we had a really good talk during our time together. At one point (I cannot remember what we were talking about but it was about something I had been doing), he said to me “…and there is an Excel chart for everything”. I took me a second to understand what he was saying and then I realized, “Holy crap, he is right! I have an Excel spreadsheet for EVERYTHING”.

After our meeting I started to think, “am I really that much of a Excel freak!?” The answer, quite simply, is yes. I’ve accepted it. Now, this doesn’t mean I am one of those people where things have to be in their place at all times and there cannot be a dirty dish in the sink or I’ll flip out. I am much more “Type A” with the non-material aspects of my life, which is mainly: planning.

After my friend said this to me I started thinking of all of the Excel charts I had made in just the last few months. The list is longer than I had initially thought: baby shower list, baby shower gift list, baby shower addresses, address book, house budget, wedding budget, wedding list, Christmas list, house must-haves, teaching schedule, daycare options, and savings budget. How did my friend know I had so many Excel charts? I save ’em all on my desktop so I can access them easily, duh. If I were a bank robber, I would have been caught red-handed. You can see my little “obsession” merely by opening my laptop.

It’s weird to think of those little things that really say so much about who you are. My friend already knows so much about me and my little quirks but it’s funny to have a quirk pointed out to you. And to think of all of those hours working an 8-5 job revolving around Excel sheets. I hated those. Or so I thought…

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