Goals 2011

This is our yearly Resolution “Goals List” updated. It only took us about 30 minutes to update because many of our goals have stayed the same. The only difference is that some goals have moved “up” the list. If you want to compare to last year’s goals, click here.

I’ll keep you all updated on how we are doing! I hope your New Year has started out well and you have lots of big and small goals set to keep you motivated throughout the year!

3 thoughts on “Goals 2011

  1. Ty finishing the AA? He and I were just talking about this while I was in WA. Lady, your man is a successful foreman who succesfully completed electric school or something like that…be easy! J/K. You forgot amazing bachelor party on the 2011 list…for shame!

    Q’s: What is a DSLR camera and why do you need one? Also, start a biznazzzz? Is this the home made jewelry idea…???

  2. Yeah, Ty chose to put that on there- not me!

    A DSLR is a fancy digital camera. It’ll be good for catching snap shots of Caleb on the move (less blurry, etc). Not a jewelry business; maybe something else? We’ll see on that one!

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