Caleb: 3 months

Caleb’s Stats

Height: ~26 inches
Weight: ~ 16.5 lbs

Caleb: 3 monthsMilestones: 1. Holding his head up high. He’s doing so well during tummy time! He is also trying to pull himself up into a sitting position. He grabs our fingers and flexes his tiny abs and strains. You can  just see the determination in his face; it must be so frustrating being a baby. 2. Grabbing things (my face/lips included). Caleb has started to grab onto things in front of him and he has been gripping his rattles and toys and kicking the toys that hang down on his activity mat. 3. He is slowly discovering his hands and can now insert his fist into his mouth in one smooth motion. 4. Sleeping longer stretches at night; he averages 4-6 hour stretches. This mama is happy with that because he must have inherited my love for sleep! Still no crying at night and we are thankful for that. It makes me wonder what all this “new parent sleep deprivation” is real. (That is a joke, we are completely thankful Caleb is happy during bed time and will thank him his whole life for letting us get some sleep these early months).


046 (3)Likes: 1. Itsy Bitsy Spider. He LOVES when I do this for him. The first time I did it I did such a dramatic motion for “washed the spider out” that he jumped. Now I do it every time and he loves it. 2. His fist, fingers, my fingers. Anything he can suck on really. 3. Himself: he loves staring at that super cute baby in the mirror. He sticks his tongue out at it and has conversations with that baby. 4. Mommy. He is really showing his preference for me these days. I read that it is solely survival mode– instinct tells them to stay with food but I secretly think it is just cause he thinks I am the bee’s knees. 5. Grocery shopping. Definitely his father’s son. He doesn’t actually like shopping; he just loves being in the shopping cart and looking at the bright lights. 6. His toys. While he cannot play with them, he certainly loves staring at them. Caleb also loves him some story time. 7. Blowing raspberries and bubbles. He likes to blow raspberries the most when he is angry. I don’t get it but it is hilarious. 8. Naked time. I’ve been reading about giving babies time to be naked and Caleb seems to like it…of course, he immediately pees all over the blankets! 9. Still loving the doggies. He likes watching them play and smiles at them when he is laying on his activity mat. He licked Butters the other night…

048 (4)

032 (4)

025 (4)

019 (2)

001 (2)


calebdumbellsDislikes: 1. Getting out of the bath. Seriously, this kid is obsessed with bath time. If he could, he would probably sleep in there. We have about 5 seconds of clear time once he is removed from the water- and then all hell breaks loose. He screams like crazy. In fact, he never screams as bad as he does when bath time ends. This cements my plans of “mommy and me” swimming once he is 6 months old; he is such a water baby. 2. Being tired or hungry. These are pretty much the only times he every cries (besides that whole end-of-bath drama). 3. Tummy time: he isn’t the biggest fan. In fact, if he isn’t staring at us and doing his baby push ups then he is face-planting and sucking on his mat. We can get about 4-5 minutes in and then he wants to be rolled over to party. 4. Sleep. I know that may seem contradictory to what I said about him sleeping earlier. Don’t get me wrong, he sleeps like a champ. The problem is: he hates falling asleep. In fact, he fights it like crazy. He has recently started to do this rhythmic moan as he falls asleep and it seems to relax him (he totally gets that from me ’cause Manfriend says I groan once and then pass out). I cannot tell you how many times I have caught him smiling at me with a look on his face like “you wish lady!” Hard not to laugh, but I try to keep it real.

Here is Caleb eating his fist (yes, his head is laying on our dog’s nose):

Caleb blowing raspberries; he is so proud of this!

Note: Did you see Butters try to hijack his toy!?

4 thoughts on “Caleb: 3 months

  1. He is too stinkin cute. I love those baby noises! Is it weird to say his skin looks great? Yeah weird but some babies just have nice skin;-)

  2. I don’t think that’s weird at all! He did have some baby acne when he was 2 weeks old but it only lasted a week. I used the California Baby Calendula cream on him and I swear that stuff works miracles!

  3. Seriously (SERIOUSLY) when I watch these vids I can not wipe this huge silly grin off of my face. It’s really cute to see him on here, and also how the two of you interact. : )

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