Exercise: Month 1

Well, I have been actively exercising for a full month now. It started off pretty shaky; I got winded really quickly. It only took about a week and then I was able to exercise longer and with more intensity. I am making sure I start off slow so it’s not like I am running 3 miles a day. (I have to admit that I took more than 2 days off each week during the holidays). Here is what I am doing:

I alternate my days between cardio and strength training and I have two days off each week. Right now I am only doing about 30 minutes/day and will slowly keep increasing. I haven’t had to exercise with Caleb attached to me since I can do strength training while Caleb is sleeping but when he is awake he likes watching me. It’s no surprise that watching me exercise makes him laugh! I run/walk on the treadmill when Manfriend is home so that has been really nice. The best part: exercising has now become my “me” time. I love it. It is my only free time and I am already noticing how much better I feel.

Weight Loss:4.5 lbs

I wish I could report more weight loss but with both Thanksgiving AND Christmas deliciousness- I am amazed I lost any weight at all!

2 thoughts on “Exercise: Month 1

  1. Jenn that is awesome! It is sooo important to find that daily time for yourself, I didn’t realize that until we had Kate. It is a requirement in order to keep your sanity;-)

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