The Sweetest Moment

The other night our friends stopped by and brought with them their precious little girl who we love. She is three months older than Caleb and is freakin’ cute! It is so fun to see how much she is growing because we get a “preview” of what Caleb will be doing soon. She played with Caleb’s toys he has yet to play with and it made me happy that she enjoyed them.

While her dad was changing her, she kept trying to roll over to see Caleb. I held Caleb over her so that they could look at one another and she reached out and grabbed his hand! Caleb then held on to her hand for dear life. Moments that like never happen in real life, do they!? Of course, Caleb wasn’t as interested as she was but he will be soon. It almost made me cry watching them hold hands; one of the cutest things I will probably ever see.

These two are destined to be best friends for life!

Keela and Caleb



So sweet. Love them.

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