Caleb: 2 Months

Caleb’s Stats
Height: I’m going to guess 23-24 inches.
~15 lbs of sugar. (We’ll know for sure this week at his appt.)

ETA: This boy is 25 inches and 15.1 lbs! Seriously!?

Caleb: 2 monthsMilestones: Caleb is holding his head up a lot. He especially loves when we walk around with him. He occasionally bobbles forward but for the most part- his neck muscles are getting stronger. He has been social smiling for about 4 weeks now and each day it seems like he smiles more and more. Caleb has started sticking his tongue out at us now. It began as us sticking our tongue out at him so he would mimic us but now he likes to initiate the games. The “oohing” and “ahhing” and cooing has begun too. This is my favorite thing because it means his personality is really starting to show itself. I love it! He is now watching things with more intensity and loves bright colors. One of the biggest milestones we have noticed is his grip. He is now grabbing onto things and not letting go. Caleb has also started to sleep more at night. The other night he slept 5 hours straight! Still no crying at night and we are really thankful for that!

028 (4) Likes: Morning time. Every morning is such a treasure because Caleb wakes up unbelievably happy. We lay in bed and make faces at him and he just lays there smiling, cooing and laughing. We read him “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” in the morning and he loves looking at the pictures and reacts with joy when we start reading it. Caleb loves Peek-A-Boo and smiles and yells every time we play it. Butters. Caleb loves him some Butters. She loves licking his face and he loves watching her and smiling. Caleb loves nursing and knows the association between me unsnapping my bra and feeding time now. He gets a huge smile and starts fist pumping like one of the Jersey Shore boys. A lot of the time he will start nursing, stop, and then smile like he is in pure heaven. Still lovin’ the bath. He gets so excited when I put him in the bath and kicks like crazy in the water; he could hang in there all night I’m sure. Me- yeah, he loves me. The feeling is totally mutual.005 (4)

Dislikes: Seems weird but Caleb hates having his feet covered. He can handle socks but he kicks blankets off of his feet and gets mad when his sleep gowns confine his feet. Caleb still isn’t a huge fan of his car seat. If he isn’t passed out- he fights and wriggles to get out. Being tired. When he is tired he goes ballistic and screams until we get him to sleep. This is his biggest dislike right now. Having his diaper changed right after he wakes up. He needs a little “adjustment” time to wake up because if you lay him down to change him right away he gets angry.

He’s growing so fast and I love being able to see how much he has changed. He’s such a sweet and happy baby. I think this means we will be cursed with a monster the next go’round…031 (2)

015 (4)

015 (5)



007 (2)

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