PB&J Cookies

I have been obsessed with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches since I was pregnant. In fact, when I was in labor I was asked what I wanted to eat– PB&J was it! I recently read about a correlation between pregnant woman’s peanut consumption and the likelihood of their child being allergic to peanuts and that worries me because I went to town on some peanut butter. The correlation doesn’t exist with breast milk though so that is a relief.

I found these Peanut Butter and Jelly cookies on Epicurious.com and man are they deee-licious! They were unbelievable easy and they we super fast. It’s a two part process: bake the cookie dough a bit and then add the jelly midway though and finish baking.


The recipe calls for grape jelly but since I like to bend the rules, I used raspberry. They were so good. I vow never to make these again though. I think I ate almost all of them. My obsession with PB&J knows no bounds so these cookies are just too dangerous to have in our house.

Have any of you noticed a trend? I have been baking a lot. I have no idea where this came from because I never use to bake- I only cook. Manfriend says it’s because I’m ” a mom now”. I doubt that. Maybe it’s because I know how to work an oven and know the difference between a tsp and tbsp now? Who knows. One thing I do know is that Imma keep on baking. Manfriend loves it, I love it, and Caleb with grow up with an awesome mom who “makes the best cookies”*.

*Yes, that last part is totally me tooting my own horn.

4 thoughts on “PB&J Cookies

  1. I ate a small bowl of peanut butter and Jelly for dinner tonight…with a spoon. My eating so many pb sandwiches while prego and after did end up giving Olivia a peanut sensitivity, she would scream during and after nursing. It sucked no peanut butter in the house for almost 3 years. But tested at 3 and she is good, and she loves it, so its a daily thing around here! So sorry you did not need all that info on your blog…cookies sound amazing, I will make them soon! And prob eat all the dough, I am a dough eater not a cookie eater.

  2. Those look good, and I have been mulling over some peanut butter jelly thumbprints within the last week. Glad to know you have tested this recipe – perhaps I’ll try it myself. 🙂

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