Giving Thanks…

This Thanksgiving I have a LOT to be grateful for. The holiday is often overlooked because retailers are in such a rush to push Christmas items on us, but I don’t want to overlook the meaning of the holiday. I am thankful for a lot of people and things. This has been one of the most exciting years of my life…and one of the most stressful. So, what am I thankful for besides our awesome little snowstorm this last week?

1. Last year at this time we were trying to make a baby. It took us three months and on the fourth, we were blessed with our healthy little bean. Having Caleb has been the greatest gift we could ever ask for. I am so thankful that Manfriend and I created such a beautiful little boy. Each day I smother him with kisses and tell him “I love you” about 400 times. I want him to grow up knowing how thankful I am that he is in my life.

2. Manfriend. I am so thankful that he is on this Journey with me. Having a baby has been a new stress on our relationship but we are handling it really well and are so happy that we made such a cute Caleb. I couldn’t imagine life without Manfriend and I am more thankful for him than he knows.

3. Friends and Family. I am thankful for the people I can spend time with laughing, telling stories, and gossiping about people and reality television. My family are my friends and my friends are definitely family. Without these people I would be more crazy than I already am and I am thankful to have them in my life.  I know Caleb will grow up loving these people and I love that they will be as important in his life and they are in mine.

4. My girls. You know, Chloe and Butters. They have had the roughest go of this new “baby in the house” thing we have going on. Chloe was stressed beyond belief (so much so that she had to be medicated) and Butters gets half as much attention as she is used to (she still tries to squeeze in on my lap with Caleb there). They are handling the change really well though and I try to give them as much attention as I can. Chloe has decided she doesn’t care for Caleb at all. I hope that changes as he gets older and she learns he isn’t so bad. Butters has decided that he is easier to smother with kisses than I am and she licks his face often…and he likes it. We think Caleb and Butters will be fast friends as we have seen him staring at Butters and smiling. It is precious.

5. Facebook. As cheesy as it sounds, it has made keeping in contact with friends and family so much easier.

6. You’ll see what I mean in the coming weeks.

7. Blog surfing. When Caleb is passed out on me and I don’t want to move him (because I love his snuggles), blogs keep me company. I could blog search for hours.

8. Having a job. More specifically- having a job that I thoroughly enjoy. The other day a former student sent me an email and it made me realize that I actually miss going to school and being in the classroom.

9. My health. My goal to get in shape has a lot less to do with looks than it does with simply being healthy. I want to be healthy for Caleb so that he grows up healthy.

10. Burien, WA. This town is making me so happy lately. With our favorite restaurants Elliot Bay Brewery and La Costa a few miles down the road, Eat Local a short drive away, Burien Press downtown and all of the hip new shops- I am so happy we chose to move here.

11. Rainy City Midwifery. Our midwives Bev, Beth and Lynn were wonderful. Their prenatal and postpartum care were excellent and we will surely be sharing our next birth with these lovely ladies. I am so happy we chose this route for our birth and Manfriend and I truly love the women who shared in Caleb’s birth with us.

12. Penny Simkin. Without Penny’s homebirth class, we would have been a disaster. Thankfully, Manfriend paid attention because every single thing that he did to make me comfortable during labor was something Penny taught us.

13. Real Housewives… of anything. Seriously. These shows are crack. I love them and all of their boughetto glory.

14. Clothes for tall people. I am tall and most shirts are too short for me. Thank god I can shop online and retailers now have “tall” selections for women like me.

15. Happiness. I am unbelievably thankful that I happily made it to where I am in life right now. Not everyday is glorious or pretty. But overall, I am happy with my life and that is enough to be thankful for this Holiday season.

…And who wouldn’t be thankful for this?

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