Two Things I Know

1. I’ve lost weight and am down to pre-baby size.

2. Things have shifted a bit so I’ve gotta keep going.

I feel really lucky that I lost my baby belly pretty quickly. I know many women who get the whole “how far along are you” after they have given birth and fortunately for me, I stopped looking pregnant at about 2 weeks postpartum! Right after Caleb was born and I was nursing him I saw my belly and freaked out; it looked squishy and like a jiggly pancake. You would think a lot of other things could have grossed me out but no, this was it. I remember a blog where a woman said her belly looked like “pizza dough in a bag”…seriously disgusting but pretty accurate for those first few days!

Visitors and our Midwife noticed how quickly my baby belly went away and hearing it from them made me feel better about my post baby body. I’ll credit my mom’s awesome genetics with that one- nothing else. Whoa, don’t get too excited! I still have a weird looking belly but no one sees that except me, Manfriend and Caleb and they don’t judge. Well, if they do they aren’t doing it to my face. It is definitely something I have issues with but having Caleb makes it easier to deal with.

So my goal is to continue dropping the lbs. I know breastfeeding equates to burning about 500 calories a day and that helps but since I hit the 6 week postpartum mark and was given the “all clear” for resuming physical activities, I plan on exercising a lot more.

My plan: strap Caleb into my ERGO carrier or Moby wrap and walk 2-3 miles/day on our treadmill. This is me assuming he will be all for it, but if he isn’t I can just take him out and let him do tummy time or chill on his activity mat for a while. I’m planning on purchasing EA Sports Active 2 for the Wii and I can do this in our living room without worrying about Caleb because he can hangout in his swing or I can do it once he falls asleep. We have the first game and I used it religiously the month before I got pregnant and lost about 8 lbs…but had to stop the weight loss goal in favor of baby.

So here are some postpartum belly shots.

1. 2 days after Caleb was born. Sorry it is blurry, I was in the background of a photo because I clearly was not posing for any pictures then! I clearly still look pregnant- yeeikes!

2. 11 days after Caleb was born. You can see my bell has shrunk down a lot in 9 days. Still sporting the pudge and I think I look about 13 weeks pregnant.

3. Four weeks after Caleb’s birth. Not to bad- but to be fair I wasn’t skinny before I got pregnant. Still better than looking 5 months pregnant!

Not too bad but I’ve got some work to do! Let the Journey begin!

4 thoughts on “Two Things I Know

  1. Nice work, Jennifer, and good luck with your goals! I think we have EA Active Sports 2 (is that the “more workouts” one?) I use the step aerobics routine on that one all the time – we bought a riser to go under the balance board. Doing it everyday gets boring, but I alternate it with the other stuff. Have fun!

  2. The more workouts one was an upgrade but EA Sports Active 2 just came out last week. It is awesome and has a heart rate monitor and a lot more exercises (because they do get boring).

    I still use the first EA Active Sports but I make custom workouts because I think that is more fun.

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